For he second year running we have invited interns

The interns hail from the north of France, in an HighSchool called “Lycée Jacquard” . Here is the link of their shool if you want to know more:

With a dedicated team of teachers, they prepare the students for a professional diploma, the equivalent of the B-Tech and they have training periods to do during their three-year curriculum.

The goal is to improve their mobility and their professional experience abroad. That is why we have built a partnership with many firms in the Sussex, particularly in March: this year, eight of their students did their training periods near Brighton, in British companies such as Venture Engineering Precision, DSA Products, Travine and Novaracing. The project is linked to the Erasmus one and they often work the team of Northbrooke College and Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (MET) in Brighton.

This year, they further developed this opportunity with a group of IT system students.

They are always looking for some companies which could welcome their students for a training period to include the following:- Audiovisual and multimedia installation

– Professional audiovisual installation
– Electricity  ( they are trained in electrical abilitation )
– Home appliance installation
– Domestic installation
– Computer installation ( hardware and software )
– Network installation ( computer network, telephone network, video network )

– Security installation ( alarm, video protection, access control … )

All interns already have had a 10 weeks period experience in French IT companies.

In January, we they sent two IT student to us for one month and it was a great experience all round.

The students are never alone in England; they are always with a teacher. We rent a house near Ditchling and stay with them. In this way, the company can communicate more easily. It’s an Erasmus project, all the training period is free for the firm (Erasmus donate the money to rent a house, rent a car, eat, make some cultural trips).

You can see some pictures of the last mobility here:

If your business would like to welcome a student next year (they have 8 weeks of training period between September 2019 and June 2020) it will be also a great opportunity and we will be happy to put you in touch with the teachers or feel free to contact them directly


Please find an interview with the french interns Theo and Erwan and Managing Director of ABCOM, Yann Davies

For the students:

Where are you from?   We come from Caudry in the North of France

How old are you?  Erwan 17 years old – Théo 16 years old

What do you study and what year are you in?

In France, we are in 1 PRO IT Systems (Systèmes Numériques).

We study digital / IT  systems.

Why have you chosen English as a language to progress?

Because the English is international language and we need it in many areas

How did you find out about ABCOM IT Solutions and what made them the right employer for you?

Our teachers researched technical companies in Sussex who wanted to welcome us as trainees

What have you enjoyed the most on your visit?

The placement has been fun and the team from ABCOM are all very nice

Is this your first time visiting the UK? What do you think of it?

No we have been here before.  It’s very good experience and we liked this internship.

Describe your experience in a single word.


What is the most surprising thing you have learned?

The British are tea mad!

What is next for you?

Erwan – create a cybersecurity IT company

Theo – Go on to become computer graphic designer

For Yann:

Tell us about your background – where did ABCOM – Albion business computers  start?

The company started in 1996 and the full name is Albion Business Computers.

We began life as a computer recycler and won NHS and American Express contracts to handle data destruction.

We still offer this service and it’s still going strong. Handling certified recycling and reuse of IT equipment and telecoms equipment (

Since we began we then became a IT helpdesk for Small Medium businesses, then the most obvious service to tack on was broadband and phones. We would be the one point of contact as supplier and the support team for all clients.

Our customers benefit form a proactive IT helpdesk that have are wel versed with communications, hosted phones and connectivity.

What led you to set up this initiative. What does it mean to you? How did you approach the students?

Three french teachers walked into our office front a few summers ago and they were basically cold calling offering interns for a month at a time. I was keen to get involved. We also had a remote migration of a french travel company wanting to move to office 365 and I thought these students would be perfect to work alongside our engineers , assist and learn.

How many years have you been running this programme?

We are in our second year now , and we take on 2 students at a time not just one.

What is an average day for a student – how long do they stay?

They start at 9am and finish at 4pm. Fridays they leave early , at 1pm and head off to Brighton for shopping and fish and chips on the pier!

What is the one main trait you look for in a prospective student?

It’s important if they can’t speak much English, they at least try and speak English. Another important trait is that if they finish their duties that they move onto another quickly.

What do the students take away from their experience?

We certainly work them, I try and understand their skills and push them in that direction. Erwan on his first visit to help with the pc workshop mentioned he was also an avid WordPress designer, from that point on I had him working on our website, all our social media and even some of my customers websites!

Do you stay in contact with other previous students?

Theo put in a  request to return to us last year so we know we are doing something right.

What do you take away from the experience?

I like the students ethics and they want to please the business owner (always an important thing!). A good bunch.

How does the experience impact your business?

Well we had 2 more sets of hands and we got a lot done.

Would you recommend this initiative to other employers and why?

Its great and there is no cost to the employer. Good experience all round.

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