Is it time for a new Business Phone System?

Whatever your phone needs are, we can help provide you with the perfect telecommunications solution. Your business may need a physical, virtual, or even an internet-based phone, we take the time to look at what type of service you need.

Connect me up Scotty

We offer affordable business broadband packages with additional benefits and first-class products. With our fixed fiber networks, we promise to get you connected no matter where you are located.

GDPR hoops

Firstly, this is JUST a heads-up for those of you who may need to consider the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations. DISCLAIMER : This is by no means a comprehensive guide. You must do your own research and consulting to make sure you are in compliance. A lawyer told me that GDPR replaces the Data Protection Act. He …

Potential trouble with user accounts

Watch out! There is potential trouble with user’s accounts if your IT department or your outsourced supplier does not take adequate steps to control them. Organisations need to double check that should someone leave the business that their access and user account is properly controlled and access is restricted or totally removed. For example, you may want emails sent to …