Work smarter with Microsoft Outlook tips.

Work smarter in Outlook with these tips

Yann Guides, News 10 minutes

The amount of emails sent and received around the world is growing day by day. By 2021 there are approximately 4.147 billion email users in 2021 Microsoft first released their email client known as Microsoft Internet Mail and News in 1996. Since then, Outlook has gone through many changes and is now one of the Microsoft applications that most people use …

A hoodie-wearing man displaying expertise in social engineering techniques.

Hacking the Humans: close protection tips against social engineering attacks

Yann News 9 minutes

Most of us are familiar with the traditional way of hacking such as cracking passwords, hacking computers or exploiting software vulnerabilities. However, when businesses are trying to increase their security, one of the most dangerous methods is often not given enough attention, these are social engineering attacks. What is social engineering? Social engineering attacks rely on human interaction to manipulate …