How does cloud technology benefit nonprofits in 2021?

How does Cloud Technology Benefit Not For Profits

Yann Guides 10 minutes

Charities and voluntary sector businesses must operate at optimum and ensure they get the best value for money. Technology has become increasingly important, and if the systems don’t operate properly, this can affect time-critical service delivery and projects. If your charity or organisation has not moved across yet, there are some key considerations to make. What is the business case …

Ukrainian "fake ransomware" malware attacks decrypted with cyber secure techniques.

Ukrainian Malware Attacks: Fake Ransomware Explained and why your business must be cyber-aware

Yann News 9 minutes

Ukraine finds itself the centre of attention once more as troops from all sides gather at its borders. The Mainstream media sets about its rhetoric of subtle and persistent biases and succeeds in stoking fear and paranoia among their audiences. Western media is now focused on reporting that Russia is supposedly threatening an invasion, and that this strife between the …

What is all the fuss about passwordless authentication?

What is all the fuss about Passwordless Authentication?

Yann Guides, News 9 minutes

Poor password hygiene remains a key security weakness for many businesses. All employees know that a password should be long, complex, unique and never shared with anyone. Although this is simple in theory, in practice it can be difficult to remember a new complex password for every application or system. For this reason, it is common for employees to re-use …

Q&A session addressing SMB cybersecurity concerns.

Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses – Q & A time

Yann News 9 minutes

It is no surprise that the past 2 years of remote and hybrid working has significantly accelerated digital transformation for most small and medium businesses. Although the implementation of new technologies has changed the way that these businesses function, it may have also created many potential security risks. As businesses move into 2022, it is important that all small and …