What are insider threats and how can you defend against them?.

What are insider threats and how can you defend against them?

Yann Guides 8 minutes

Typically, most businesses are concerned about external adversaries maliciously accessing confidential data and systems. However, businesses often neglect to safeguard against their own employees who are threats to the business. This concept is known as insider threats. An insider threat is any employee, vendor, contractor or person within a business that has authorised access to sensitive data or IT systems, …

Six common challenges facing fast growing businesses.

Six common IT challenges for fast-growing businesses

Yann News 9 minutes

Extended periods of rapid growth are positive for most businesses, as it means that the business is acquiring new customers, which is driving increased revenue and better business outcomes. Whilst these periods are exciting and necessary for the longevity of a business, it also creates a host of new challenges, especially regarding IT and technology. In this article we will …

The 2021 guide to migrating sql server to microsoft azure.

The 2022 guide to migrating SQL Server to Microsoft Azure

Yann News, Services 10 minutes

As Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is reaching its end of life on July 12, 2022, businesses still using the service will have to upgrade their SQL server to a more recent instance or migrate to Microsoft Azure. If businesses do not upgrade or migrate, they will no longer receive essential security updates, leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Whilst any server …

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ABCOM offer Microsoft 365 Expert Setup

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The Microsoft 365 Expert Setup is our extra set of configuration settings that are applied to Microsoft 365 tenants. This is a Value Add offering to help improve the overall security of your 365 tenancy. These settings enable and then enhance the solutions made possible by the Microsoft 365 offering. This configuration includes various security and device management policies, as …