Maximize Microsoft Teams with direct routing.

Make the most of Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing

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Direct Routing allows you to connect Teams to preimum voice service providers. This allows you to take advantage of cheaper call rates, more flexibility, and better support. It’s also helpful for users locked into existing contracts with other PSTN providers. They can use Teams without any contract violations. Put simply, Direct Routing enables users to make and receive external calls …

Office 365 enable secure remote work with microsoft 365.

Enable secure remote work with Microsoft 365

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So how can Office 365 make the essential difference to your business? In this downloadble presentation we show you how Small Medium Businesses can benefit with productivity, communication and security. If you already have M365 we can help you truly unpack the suite so you can achieve so much more. For more information call us or email More information

Suspect malware and how to protect your business.

Suspect Malware and How to Protect your Business

Yann Guides 12 minutes

In 1971, the first worm proof of concept was created, called ‘The Creeper’. This worm was able to spread via network protocol, infecting remote computers to display the message “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can”. However, ‘The Creeper’ was not technically malware as it was not created with malicious intent. Fast forward 51 years and there are over …

A person is writing the word backup on a cloud.

Are your Microsoft 365 mailboxes backed up?

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In today’s business world, email is the backbone of communication. Complete365 reports that Microsoft Office 365 Email is the most popular 365 product among medium-sized companies, and Ontech claims emails contain 60% of business-critical data. No doubt, emails are incredibly important, so having a robust system for storing your email data in case of catastrophe is a good idea. In …