Dark web scanning reports

Understanding the Dark Web and its Threats

Yann Services 7 minutes

The dark web, notorious for criminal activity, is the hotspot for cybercriminals trading stolen data. Business credentials or personal details can quickly end up on auction for the highest bidder. Have Your Credentials Been Breached? If your information surfaces on the dark web, it’s a clear sign of a data breach. This compromise can arise from insecure sites, misleading email …

A device connecting the horizon of mobile, tablet, and computer with a built-in phone.

Horizon – A cutting edge cloud phone system for better business communication

Yann News 3 minutes

Horizon Hosted is a pioneering cloud-based telephone system designed to integrate advanced telephony features into businesses of various sizes seamlessly. With its core telephony switching equipment hosted directly in the telephone exchange, Horizon Hosted offers a robust and reliable solution with a low initial financial commitment. Key Features and Benefits: Cost-Effective Solution: Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, Horizon Hosted …