The benefits of ftp fibre to the premises.

The Benefits of FTTP

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Have you switched onto Full Fibre yet? FTTP lines are immune to interference and do not suffer the signal attenuation experienced by copper lines carrying traditional broadband services to the premises. As a result, ultrafast FTTP broadband services deliver significantly higher speeds and are more reliable. Seriously increasing your capabilities, productivity, and output, and removing any reliance on copper-based PSTN …

A phone with the microsoft authentication app on it.

Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

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Microsoft is enabling a stronger form of multifactor authentication beginning September 15, 2023 Whom is this aimed at? This will be aimed at companies with Microsoft Entra ID tenants. Why is Microsoft doing this? This is an urgent initiative to drive Azure AD users to transition from SMS/Voice-based Multi-factor Authentication to Microsoft Authenticator app-based MFA. These telephony-based methods of MFA …

Attention charity business leaders.

Cyber Security Awareness Event: Empowering Businesses and Charities

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🔥ATTENTION CHARITY & BUSINESS LEADERS!🔥 💥Are you ready to LEVEL UP your cybersecurity game?💥 STOP being an easy target for cyberattacks! It’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools you NEED to protect your organization! 🚀Join our FREE Cyber Awareness Event NOW!🚀 🎯WHY? Because cyber threats are NOT slowing down, and neither should you! 💡WHAT WILL YOU GET? …

we now offer network penetration testing.

Why Penetration Testing is Essential: A Guide to Robust Cybersecurity

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1. Introduction: In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are the front-line defenders for businesses. As cyber threats multiply, the protective umbrella of our service stack broadens, with penetration testing standing out as a linchpin. Here’s the rundown on its significance: 2. Unearth Vulnerabilities Before They Become Threats: Think of penetration testing as a proactive cyber drill. …