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ABCOM offer Microsoft 365 Expert Setup

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The Microsoft 365 Expert Setup is our extra set of configuration settings that are applied to Microsoft 365 tenants. This is a Value Add offering to help improve the overall security of your 365 tenancy.
These settings enable and then enhance the solutions made possible by the Microsoft 365 offering.
This configuration includes various security and device management policies, as well as Microsoft 365 service configurations, that gives our customers the peace of mind that their Microsoft 365 tenant is
configured in a way that meets best practice and ensuring all devices and files are secured and connected.

Subscriptions applicable for Expert Setup:
Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5

Improved security from day one
All key Office 365 and Microsoft 365 components enabled and configured
Devices are ready to be joined once setup is complete
By applying our Expert Setup, the Microsoft 365 tenant will receive the first 30 day recommendations set out by Microsoft from day one, including:
• Administrator protection
• Logging and analytics
• Enhanced identity protection
• ATP configurations
• Device protection – encryption, anti-virus, centralised

So if you need to migrate to the latest NCE pricing or feel you would like more aftercare with your Microsoft suite please drop us a line.