Does your Business Systems Network need an Update?

Businesses are busy and so are their operations and servers. However, as they grow it’s important to look out for performance issues which may show you need an upgrade.

As changes happen and we increase the amount of information onto our systems, this can often slow down the speed and reduce the responsiveness, all these factors and more can indicate that it’s time for an upgrade or even a new server completely.

As we often depend on the internet and computer-based systems, whatever problem or difficulties you may be experiencing we can help find the perfect solution.

Working on older software can often hinder new programs or software. Technology is moving at such a fast pace we also need to keep our systems running quickly and be the best they can be.

It’s imperative that any network upgrade is properly planned for and executed. That’s where our years of experience and expertise help us to provide your business with tailored reports and plans.

Amongst many things we perform site surveys, plan structured cabling, we can upgrade LAN and all internetworking devices. The planning of a network upgrade begins after the initial site survey and report are complete.

We work with five key stages which are; requirement gathering, selection and design, implementation, operation, review and evaluation.

Outgrowing your existing network simply means your business is expanding and evolving.

We are here to help fully support both your current and future network needs and provide a smooth transition and carefully constructed plan at an affordable cost.

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ABCOM can help plan a complete Network Upgrade for any size company across the South East. Call us today for a discussion on how we can help your business.