Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has developed over the years with increases bandwidth available, VoIP is widely used It delivers high-quality service as well as features.

VoIP is robust, it uses the internet to transmit calls, and can be deployed in various methods. Using the latest VOIP technology, ABCOM’s hosted phone solutions bring you the best alternative to traditional expensive systems. Unlike the big telecom companies, we don’t have bloated marketing budgets, we focus on providing quality telephony to our business customers.

It can be described as a digital telephone service carrying voice traffic across circuits.

It’s a proven product and has become popular and reliable and many companies have added it to their services. The quality of the phone-line can be as good as traditional landlines.

Many businesses are realising the advantages of having these phone systems in place, during these challenging economic times.

The service can also help towards reducing overheads. VoIP services and devices use wildly deployed IP and broadband technologies.

Get in touch with ABCOM today if you would like to know more about these products and services, and how we can help ensure businesses continuity.

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