Why it is more important than ever to secure your business.

It seems rare that the media isn’t carrying news of some sort of cyber security issue. And, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are taking advantage more than ever. March saw the reporting of Virgin Media’s data breach, affecting 900,000 customers. This was due to an unsecured database being accessible online. In Virgin Media’s case the damage was limited, as …

Connect me up Scotty

We offer affordable business broadband packages with additional benefits and first-class products. With our fixed fiber networks, we promise to get you connected no matter where you are located.

The Ideal Disaster Plan for Your SMB

  Please find our E guide : Create the Ideal Disaster Plan for Your SMB From natural disasters to cyberattacks, small businesses face big threats. An internet outage or inaccessible systems can cost your company thousands of pounds every day, even if your business is small. That’s why it’s incredibly important to prepare for the worst, whether it’s a security …

Why you should outsource your IT

Many businesses across the UK are trying to keep costs down with their IT Infrastructure, the solution is simple, why not outsource your IT.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Does Your Business Have A Business Continuity Plan?  Disaster can strike at any time and in most cases with little or no warning. While we may be able to predict certain weather systems or anticipate general problems such as power outages, for the most part it is almost impossible to know when a disaster will strike. To protect your clients …