Power Down sequence.

What’s your power down sequence?

Yann Guides, Tips 5 minutes

As we’ve already highlighted, many businesses are now planning for possible power outages and blackouts. The one question we’ve been hearing from many of our clients is what needs to be turned off and when? From an IT and facilities perspective, it’s worth writing up a checklist for your office on what exactly needs to be turned off manually and …

Do you want to work smarter in microsoft teams?.

Do You Want to Work Smarter in Microsoft Teams?

Yann Tips 12 minutes

The number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams have almost doubled the past year, increasing from 145 million users in 2021 to 270 million in 2022. Companies are rapidly implementing Microsoft Teams to be able to enrich their businesses’ communications structures, and it’s proving successful. Teams is by far the most rapidly growing unified communications solution, and is not …

Why are hardware warranties important?

The importance of hardware warranty

Yann Tips 5 minutes

Warranties are often an overlooked item when making a technology purchase, perhaps  because they can be somewhat confusing. Usually machines are sold with a basic one-year warranty, but sometimes an extended warranty is an optional extra. More comprehensive cover may be available, for example weekend support or even extending the warranty period to 3 or more years. Reliability It’s been …

Work smarter in excel with these 13 tips.

Work smarter in Excel with these 13 tips

Yann Tips 11 minutes

Microsoft Excel has been a mainstay in the Microsoft Office suite of products for over 30 years.  It’s a powerful program that can be used for everything from simple graphs and charts to fully-fledged traffic and leads calculators. The primary limit to what can be done within Excel is the users’ knowledge of the product and its features. In this …


10 tips to get the most out of Microsoft OneNote

Yann Guides, News, Tips 8 minutes

Microsoft 365 is the gift that keeps giving. There is a smorgasbord of cool apps. Notably, this feature is about OneNote. This great app is a digital notebook for legal eagles, students and everyone else. Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app that is packed full of features. It is easy to use and can be organised like a real …