Choosing a Fibre Broadband Internet or a Fibre Leased Line?

Fibre broadband connectivity speeds have become more readily available and at a more affordable price. The implementation of new technologies seems to have left an overlap between both services. Leaving businesses, a choice of between fibre broadband internet and fibre leased lines.

Deciding which is best for your business depends on a few things, like how you use the internet, how many users you have and how important it is to your daily work.

We can help your business choose the right service in delivering the right impact for your operations.

Fibre broadband delivers high-speed Internet connectivity between two points.  Such a connection will occur between the service provider location or network and your business. It’s growing in popularity especially as it can deliver faster connection speeds allowing for quicker data transfers. Meaning the download capacity is larger and the upload capacity is smaller. This service is usually offered at a fixed cost.

A leased line is a network connection that you lease from a service provider. It’s a dedicated line for your business which is not shared with other users. Download and upload speeds are equal. Costs will often depend on the distance between your business location and the service provider.

One of the main differences between both these options is cost.

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