Attention charity business leaders.

Cyber Security Awareness Event: Empowering Businesses and Charities

Yann Events 4 minutes

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STOP being an easy target for cyberattacks! It’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools you NEED to protect your organization!
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A crash course on the LATEST cyber threats!
ESSENTIAL tips and tricks to protect your organization!
Strategies to BUILD a cyber-resilient culture!
?BONUS: Leave armed with actionable insights
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Lunchtime Buffet: Included with ticket.
Surprises Await: Receive a bag filled with software licenses and other exciting surprises to support your charity’s journey.

Event Details:
Date: September 12th
Time: 10 AM – 1 PM
Venue: Mid Sussex Golf Club

Who Is This Event For?
This event is ideal for charities and businesses that handle sensitive data but may lack the specialized expertise needed to manage cybersecurity concerns.
Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence required to address these challenges head-on. Such as threats like Phishing messages.
Limited Spots Available!
The event has limited capacity, and we are inviting only one representative from each charity, making this a truly exclusive opportunity.

About the Organizer:
Yann Davies is the Chairman of a local charity called Community Transport Sussex and the Managing Director of ABCOM IT Solutions. With a wealth of experience in both the charity and commercial sectors, Yann understands the unique challenges faced by each. This event is designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to safeguard your charity, all at no cost.
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