It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Halloween is fast approaching. What better time to draw attention to all those scary and dangerous viruses which can affect all our computers.

We want you to stay cyber safe and help raise awareness about the issue.

Cyber security practices are important within both our daily and work lives. Sharing data responsibly plays an important part in protecting yourself against any potential threats. Here are just a few tips to help you;

  • Ensure you have the latest security software installed on your machine.
  • Many people are using their personal smart devices for work so it’s important to also keep all equipment safe and protection from malicious cyber threats.
  • Ensure you implement regular backups all your data to help keep all information safe should you lose any equipment.
  • If you receive any suspicious emails, especially with an attachment – avoid opening it.

Don’t let your PC spook you out anymore and let ABCOM IT team take away the chills.

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