Don’t get your Data Breaches in a twist

We are helping businesses across the South East to stay safe and protected from data breaches

We recognise how important and valuable data is for your business. With instant restoration of files from our own data-center via a secure link or internet connection, you can benefit from ABCOM’s enterprise-class remote backup.

Here are just a few little tips on how to protect your data:

  • Today, there are so many potential threats to our security and keeping companies safe and protected is high on our agenda. Avoiding the use of open source platforms can make you more vulnerable to these hacks.
  • Cyber-attacks are becoming more refined and smarter and it’s becoming harder to identify a potentially harmful email from a normal one. It’s vital to stay protected as it only takes one click and for viruses to affect your data.
  • It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what is a normal email to what is a potentially suspicious one, looking out for common mistakes will help you to identify problems.
  • Consider hiring in third party experts to help improve any security policies and keep them up to date, which will help prevent data security breaches.
  • To help keep all data secure, ensure your website has secure SSL encryption (and has a certificate), especially if your website handles online transactions.
  • If you have an ecommerce site make sure it’s PCI DSS compliant, this will help protect you against digital data breaches.
  • Protect yourself as much as possible when using computers, firewalls, anti-virus, do everything you can to keep up to date with software too.
  • Avoid using weak passwords and always change them regularly to help avoid hacks.

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