Facebook WI-FI for your clients and customers.

ABCOM are now rolling out Facebook Wi-Fi to help businesses attract and retain customers by providing guest Wi-Fi.

Facebook Wi-Fi helps small and medium-sized businesses attract and retain customers by providing a seamless guest Wi-Fi experience. From coffee shops to event venues, customers can easily connect to the internet using their Facebook or Instagram accounts and engage with the business’ social media presence. For example, if you are a dentist you can offer this service so people can connect to your social media platforms from the comfort of your waiting room.

You will have the ability to customise the connection length, and integrate Facebook pages and Instagram profile for users to engage with.

By making it easy for customers to engage with your online presence, whether by checking in on Facebook or following your Instagram profile, Facebook Wi-Fi provides an opportunity to increase your interaction with customers, and their friends.

Gain deeper insights into the check-in by visitors. Follow up with deals and promotions.

The toolset also provides business owners with insight into the number of check-ins through Facebook Wi-Fi from new, one-time, and returning visitors.

The experience is seamless and is a great way to interact with guests and clients.

Drop us a line if you are interested.