File sharing needs to be safe and secure

Every day, your data could be at risk from poor file sharing habits. Internal users must do all they can to prevent any security threats from handling sensitive and confidential data.

Using personal email to share documents is not recommended as this makes it more vulnerable.

Be aware of file sharing solutions which are easy to install and free to use, these can offer limited security.

People using USB drives, instant messaging and printing documents can also cause potential problems.

Placing certain restrictions on data handling within the workplace can help and it’s vital for all business owners to use both education and technology to help protect their data.

Wherever you work, most people carry confidential data with them, however think carefully before sharing any sensitive information.

It’s important to implement technology and policies to keep data as safe as possible.

Here are just a few tips on how you can help secure file sharing;

  • Introduce a simple and effective security policy
  • Remote working is becoming increasingly popular so ensure they are securely managed
  • Building controls are a good way to manage users, for example authorising printing.

Secure collaborative tools need to become second nature to us to ensure sensitive data is well protected.