Are your Hosted Phones Secure?

As well as computers, our internet phones can also pose a security risk.

Alarmingly, hackers can often eavesdrop on conversations and make premium calls from people’s phone lines.

VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) phones are popular with businesses, however keeping software updated is important for security protection.

Hosted Phones connect to the internet, just like our computers, but which potentially leaves the devices open to security risks.

Many people are unaware that some hackers can actually be operating their systems without their knowing.

Keep Firmware Updated

Telephones can be out of date with their firmware. Just like keeping your software updated with your anti-virus programmes installed on desktop computers, you must also do this for your phone. Current firmware versions are regularly released so keeping these updated is vital.

During installation of your VoIP system, passwords need to be set, which is naturally, our SOP.

Not setting passwords is a growing concern and a common one. Don’t be vulnerable, so ensure your phone is protected.

Need the Perfect Phone Solution?

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