How connectivity is enabling better business for all

By putting communications services, applications and data in the cloud, business can yield huge benefits.

Robust data connectivity is the key to giving businesses full access to this cloud ecosystem, it can also facilitate the following:

  • Greater scalability
  • Greater redundancy measures
  • More manageable costs
  • Getting rid of costly on-premise hardware
  • Productivity and efficiency gains

To ensure you choose the right data services for your business, the types of cloud applications being used should be considered. For example, are you planning to have capabilities such as voice delivered over the internet?

Poor quality connectivity used for VoIP can result in low call quality or even call loss. When a customer is contacting your business, this could be the difference between a profitable sale and harmful lost revenue.
The same goes for cloud-based business applications or data storage. Throttled connections to a cloud CRM system could lead to failure in processing customer orders. While an inability to access business data stored in the cloud could bring an entire organisation to a standstill.

Having the right connectivity solution that suits the needs of your business is crucial.

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