Free Installation for Fibre Broadband!

Our offer of “Free Installation” for Business Fibre Broadband (FTTC) is still available, saving you up to £80. This is a great opportunity to join us for business class broadband and support.

If you have not been happy with your current supplier we can assist and make the transition smoother.

Each package of broadband we supply comes backed with helpdesk support.

FTTC availability continues to grow and is now available to over 50% of the premises in the UK and this figure will continue to increase.

Migrating to ABCOM is easy! We focus a lot of attention on making the migration process simple and effective for all of our customers. We will work with you and can offer advice about any size of migration. We have a simple migration process and great communications to explain what needs to be done and ensure that it goes smoothly and effectively.

Does your current provider have a geographically-resilient network? Why is this important? Well, if something happens to an interconnect then you need an alternative location that the traffic can be moved to, to prevent a large-scale outage that may only be recovered when the fault is resolved.

What support does your current supplier offer? Do you know where your current broadband providers support desks are based? Can you be sure that when a call is answered that your issue is understood, can be dealt with after one call and you can provide peace of mind / reassurance to your customer? Ask your current provider if they can provide a 100% guarantee that every support call will be answered in the UK. Do they know what percentage of their support is based in the UK and available 24/7?

Does your business broadband provider prioritise voice across their network? It’s a requirement from many business broadband end-users. Call quality can suffer if voice traffic is treated the same as general broadband traffic. Does your broadband provider service the business and residential market? Residential users outnumber business broadband users by 10:1. If a network and support desk are set up for residential users, they’re not as likely to respond with empathy or prioritise business-critical situations.

What’s your current provider’s coverage like? Through our distribution partner we have broadband access to over 99% of UK business premises.

What are your main concerns about migrating broadband circuits from a provider that you’re having issues with? We offer a simple and fully- managed process that will provide you and your customers with peace of mind.

For more information please contact us on 01444 871200


Refreshing Free Fibre installation. Photo courtesy of Robert S. Donovan(CC Attribution)

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