Hosted Phone

Our Hosted Phone solutions help our customers:

Have more flexibility

Reduce their monthly phone bills.

Ensure Business Continuity

Using the latest VOIP technology, our hosted phone solutions bring you the best alternative to traditional expensive systems. Unlike the big telecom companies, we don’t have bloated marketing budgets, we focus on providing quality telephony to our business customers.

Key benefits:

  • Fixed costs per seat per user per month – no expensive capital outlay.
  • Ability to reroute calls easily and efficiently.
  • Free outbound calls to 01 , 02 , 03 and mobile numbers!
  • Desktop and mobile softphone.
  • Training materials included.

Further options:

  • CRM Plugins including Outlook, Salesforce and Sage.
  • Sophisticated call management with wall board.
  • Headset and cordless phones.