Network Design

Network design and network security is becoming increasingly complex, as new daily or even hourly Internet threats appear. Your business network faces threats from spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, zero-day attacks and more. So being able to achieve effective network security requires a solution that’s designed to not only adapt to tomorrow’s security threats – but to fit your needs today.

ABCOM’s network design and network implementation services a diverse range of businesses throughout the UK.  These include SME’s, the Police, Education and Motor Trade sectors as well as many other corporate entities and environments.

We can work with you to test your network current speed versus your real need and to verify the potential of supporting future growth and technologies that are essential in today`s networks.

  • Detailed network design diagrams and detailing of your entire network topology.
  • Both physical and logical network designs.
  • Review of your company’s needs, plans, vulnerabilities and mission-critical assets and applications e.g. firewall, router, switches or your VPN solution.
  • For Software solutions – Microsoft, Cisco certified consulting services.
  • For Hardware solutions – Network cabling, router and switch installation.
  • For storing and sharing data – specialised networks SAN/NAS storage solutions.
  • Fully supported by our business design experts who have varied and deep technical and business skills.
  • We use advanced design software.
  • Ensuring successful implementation no matter what the complexity.
  • Gain better insight and visibility into your network infrastructure.
  • Providing you with a bespoke network and security game plan customised for your company.
  • Optimised network design and performance tuning.

At ABCOM we want to ensure your network is safe, secure and stable – so we also provide security assessments and IT audits. We always take into consideration that your network future growth be achievable without any major changes to the core network design, all while respecting your budget.

Call us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements or answer any questions.