Data Backup

We recognise that your business data is important and valuable. With instant restoration of files from our own datacentre via a secure link or internet connection, you can benefit from ABCOM’s enterprise-class remote backup.

Our fully-managed offsite backup service enables you to archive data on more affordable and efficient media so that it can be easily retrieved, in the event your office was forced to close or in the event of a disaster such as fire, flood, theft – as it was on the day the outage occurred.

ABCOM utilises image-based recoveries to give you the granularity you need for any kind of recovery. Our backups collect all of the information in a single pass, providing an updated bare metal restore (BMR) capability with each file-based backup. Because image-level backup applications use snapshots, all of the data, including deleted files and empty disk blocks, are backed up.

We don’t re-sell someone else’s datacentre space. We have our own server racks securely located in our offices which store your offsite backups.

We don’t just backup datawe take a full image of the whole server including the user accounts/operating system, so recovery is quick.

Our solution is our own – so we can retrieve a full backup quickly by plugging an external disk into our servers. Other backup companies can take hours or even days to retrieve a large quantity of data from their data centre as they would reply on the internet to download.

  • Backups are performed online.
  • We perform dissimilar hardware restores.
  • We enable file-level restores from our image-based backups.
  • We recover servers remotely across LANs or WANs.
  • We allow backup images to be saved to a variety of different media.
  • We restore files or complete system images to any server or workstation, eliminating the need to match the underlying hardware.
  • Online, Cloud-based Data Protection.
  • Regular data backups automatically made to our own datacentre.
  • Entire System, Single File or Folder recovery.
  • Granularity for any kind of recovery.
  • Restore files or complete system images to any server or workstation, eliminating the need to match the underlying hardware.
  • Administrators can establish online backup policies for workstations and servers.
  • Backs up and transfers only new incremental data.
  • For systems that require 2-layer protection of local backups for speed and performance coupled with redundant remote backups to guard against site outages.
  • For systems that only require local data protection.
  • For systems that only require online data protection.
  • Support for Virtualized Environments.
  • Protection – remote, secure location to give Windows servers and workstations the additional protection they need against disasters/outages.
  • Recovery – our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans and systems are monitored and managed 24/7 and are SLA-backed.
  • Reduced downtime – for you and your customers.
  • Quicker recovery time for your data, files and documents.
  • Value for money – no additional hardware investment is required.
  • Centralised, easy to use and fully managed .
  • You’re in control – while we provide the infrastructure, technology, upgrades and maintenance you would have to finance with on-site data storage and protection.
  • Meet today’s data protection challenges and accommodate future needs without costly upgrades.

ABCOM Offsite Backup, a robust and cost-effective approach for your valuable data.

Call us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements or answer any questions.

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