ITIL helpdesk

Some notes about our ITIL helpdesk.

ITIL, formally  Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of practices that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business. 

ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists for establishing integration with the strategy, delivering value, and maintaining a minimum level of competency.

It allows the organisation to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure. It is used to demonstrate compliance and to measure improvement.

Specifically for us at ABCOM we focus on the service desk aspect which is part of the service operation lifecycle stage.

Having a steadfast service desk enables us to manage all out clients confidently whether its overseeing their infrastructure, IP phones or their broadband.


Primary purposes of a service desk include:

  • incident control: life-cycle management of all service requests
  • communication: keeping a customer informed of progress and advising on workarounds

When implementing ITIL, the Help Desk needs to provide:

  • Single point of contact for IT interruptions
  • Computer or software consultations
  • Tracking capabilities of all incoming problems
  • Problem escalation procedures
  • Problem resolution

Using our helpdesk software we have designed tasks, templates and triggers to maintain the knowledge management and handle any issues in a disciplined manner.

Basically , our business is striving for best practice to ensure our service delivery is tip top.

We invest in our software as that helps determine causes and how we manage those in the most efficient manner .

We are always learning and striving to improve.

ITIL Toolset

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