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How can I test the speed of my current broadband?

Video testing empowers you with a real-time assessment of your network’s current streaming quality.
We recommend using speedtest.net.

Click here for Speedtest

You will be presented with a similar screen.

A speed test on a black screen.

A speed test on a black screen.

Remember , if you are running the speedtest on wireless, this will not be as accurate as running a speedtest through a network cable.

Once you have the results please contact us with the results (there are 3 results at the top once you have pressed GO…1) ping ms 2) download Mbps and 3) the Upload Mbps. Alternatively, take a snippet or photo and send that over to us.
We can then help troubleshoot.

AIf you are with another provider we can then compare what is available to you. Moving to our services brings the advantages of a fully managed service from ABCOM.