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What does the GDPR do for businesses?


Let’s talk about GDPR and what it means for businesses.

  1. Shaking Up Data Privacy: GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, is this big, 88-page rule book (with 11 chapters and 99 articles) about keeping personal data safe and sound. It’s a game-changer for businesses, especially in handling customer data.
  2. Customer Relationships 2.0: Thanks to GDPR, businesses must rethink how they chat with their customers. This affects how sales teams do their thing and how marketing is handled. It’s all about being clear and upfront.
  3. Consent is Key: GDPR is pretty strict about consent. The old “opt-out” trick doesn’t fly anymore. Now, businesses need a clear ‘yes’ from people to use their data. Think of it as asking permission before borrowing someone’s stuff.
  4. One Size Fits All: If you’re a business in the UK (or anywhere) that deals with EU folks’ data, GDPR’s got your number. It’s not just for the big fish; small businesses are in the mix, too.
  5. New Business-Consumer Pact: GDPR has rewritten the contract between companies and customers. It’s like promising to use data responsibly and keeping it under lock and key, which often means using fancy encryption methods.


the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

More information here : https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-and-the-eu/data-protection-and-the-eu-in-detail/the-uk-gdpr/