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How does Asset financing for equipment work?

Asset financing is an increasingly popular solution for UK businesses seeking to acquire or upgrade essential assets without significantly impacting their working capital.

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The benefits of this approach are numerous:

  1. Conservation of Working Capital: Asset finance allows businesses to preserve their working capital and acquire business-critical assets without a substantial upfront investment.
  2. Ease of Budgeting: With fixed repayments over a set period, businesses can effectively budget and plan, ensuring financial stability and predictability.
  3. Flexibility in Acquisitions: Asset finance offers the flexibility to purchase a wide range of assets, from vehicle fleets and farm machinery to aircraft, supporting business growth in various sectors.
  4. Access to Advanced Equipment: It enables businesses to acquire new and more efficient machinery and equipment, which might be financially unfeasible with outright purchases.
  5. Facilitating Growth: By not tying up funds in asset purchases, companies can invest in other growth areas, driving overall business development.
  6. Monthly Terms for Better Forecasting: Offering monthly terms assists businesses in forecasting and financial planning, making it easier to manage cash flow and allocate resources effectively.

Hire Purchase

The most popular type of asset finance for profitable businesses is accounted for as if paid cash, giving maximum first-year capital allowances. 

Lease Rental

This gives the most available finance options for sole traders and partnerships. Tax relief is spread over the term of the agreement. There is no VAT to find upfront. Lease rental is also a good agreement for businesses that have exceeded their annual investment allowance and are buying special-rate assets.

In conclusion, asset finance is valuable for UK businesses, offering financial flexibility, budgeting ease, and growth facilitation.

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