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Whats is Ninja RMM?

Ninja RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) is a security software designed for remote management and monitoring of servers and workstations. It is highly secure because it uses various encryption techniques to protect sensitive data transmitted over the network, such as AES and SSL. Additionally, it ensures secure access to the management console by implementing strong authentication methods, such as username and password or biometric authentication. The software also has least privilege access control, which means that only authorized personnel with the minimum necessary permissions can access sensitive information. Overall, Ninja RMM is a reliable and secure solution for remote monitoring and management of computer systems.

With Ninja RMM we monitor, support, and control all your systems including Mac, Windows, Linux devices, servers, virtual machines, and networking devices from a single easy-to-use interface.
We can automatically schedule (out of hours) and patch your entire systems from our helpdesk.

We can automatically identify and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities across all operating systems and client environments at speed and scale.

All data transmitted from Ninja monitored endpoints to Ninja infrastructure is secured by TLS encryption. Legacy (insecure) SSL 2/3 protocols are disabled.

It is awesome software and it has taken a few different tries to settle with a single platform and what we regard as one of the best solutions for an MSP.