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Where are the Microsoft datacentres located in the UK?

The United Kingdom has two Azure data centre regions—the UK South and the UK West.

These regions are located in London and Cardiff and provide customers in the United Kingdom access to Azure services while ensuring their compliance with local laws and regulations.

The new cloud regions in the UK have become part of one the world’s largest online storage infrastructures, supported by more than 100 data centres globally. These hold over 30 trillion pieces of data and are backed by billions of dollars in investment since 1989. With the new UK regions, customers receive the benefits of data residency and geo-redundant data replication in multiple data centres within the country for business continuity.

Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure by the numbers:
 1989: Microsoft opened its first data centre on its Redmond, Washington campus.
 90-plus: The number of marketplaces our cloud services are available in today.
 200-plus: The number of online services delivered by Microsoft’s data centres 24x7x365.
 $15 billion-plus: Microsoft’s investment in building our huge cloud infrastructure.
 1 million-plus: The number of servers hosted in our data centres.
 100-plus: The number of data centres Microsoft has in its global cloud infrastructure portfolio.
 30 trillion-plus: The number of data objects we store in our data centres.
 1.5 million-plus: The average number of requests our networks process per second.
 3: The number of times Microsoft’s fibre optic network, one of North America’s largest, could stretch to
the moon and back.
 1.125: Microsoft’s average PUE for its new data centres. Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is a data centre energy efficiency metric and the ratio of the power and cooling overhead required to support our
server load. The industry average is 1.8.
 2.3 billion kWh: The amount of green power purchased by Microsoft as part of our carbon-neutral goal
— ranking as the third most purchased by any U.S. company, according to the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency.
 16: The number of carbon offset projects Microsoft has invested in, including projects in Brazil, Cambodia,
China, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Turkey and the United States. (including Keechi Wind
Power investment announced November 4, 2013)
 100 per cent: The percentage of our servers and electronic equipment that we send to a third-party
vendor for recycling and/or reselling after it has been securely decommissioned.
 2007: Microsoft began sharing its best practices for cloud infrastructure with the industry.

Microsoft’s datacenters
Microsoft has owned and leased data centre capacity to support customers in regions worldwide.
Microsoft’s global network of data centres includes more than one million servers in more than 100 data centres,
including Amsterdam, Australia; Boydton, VA; Brazil; Cheyenne, WY; China; Chicago, IL; Des Moines, IA; Dublin,
Ireland; Hong Kong; Japan; Quincy, WA; and San Antonio, TX.




Click here to explore Microsoft data centres with this interactive tour.

A map of the world is shown on a computer screen displaying Microsoft datacenters.

A world map is shown on a computer screen displaying Microsoft data centres.


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