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What does Cyber Insurance cover include?

When a UK-domiciled organisation with a turnover under £20m achieves verified Cyber Essentials certification covering their whole organisation, they are entitled to opt in for free £25,000 liability limit cyber insurance.

Our customers are currently offered this cover from insurance firm, Superscript.

As standard, a £25,000 limit, or as part of our more comprehensive bundle, a £100,000 limit to cover:

Cyber and privacy liability*
Cover for damages you are legally obliged to pay and defence costs due to a:
Data breach
Security breach
Failure to disclose a security breach or data breach
Failure to comply with a privacy policy.
Note that this also covers you if you are in violation of your own privacy policies.

Media and advertising liability*
Cover for damages you are legally obliged to pay and defence costs because of any defamation, libel, slander, infliction of emotional distress or harm to reputation arising out of the performance of professional services by you or anyone on your behalf.

Superscript’s policies specify coverage for the use of media, including plagiarism, piracy, misappropriation of ideas and infringement of domain name, trademark, trade name, trade dress, logo, title, metatag, slogan, service mark or service name. They also cover Unfair Competition claims in relation to media acts infringing copyrights.

Finally, claims arising from your infringement of physical property rights, including trespassing, wrongful entry or eviction. false arrest, detention and imprisonment are included within the cover.

Regulatory defence and penalties*
Regulatory penalties and defence costs because of a regulatory proceeding for a data breach or a security breach.

Breach response services*
Most importantly, Superscript’s cyber cover gives you access to the industry-leading breach response service, providing you with 24-hour support from cyber security, legal and cyber event handling experts.

In the event of an insured data breach or cyber event, the following services are provided for up to 5,000 notified individuals per year:

The cost of a PCI forensic investigator to investigate a known or reasonably suspected data breach involving credit or debit card data.
The cost of a qualified security assessor to certify and assist in attesting to your PCI compliance, as required by a merchant services agreement.
For a lawyer to provide necessary legal advice to evaluate your obligations in terms of breach notice laws or a merchant services agreement.
For a computer security expert to determine the existence, cause and scope of an actual or reasonably suspected data breach – and if the breach is actively in progress on your computer systems, to assist in containing it.
Notification of individuals whose personal information was potentially impacted by a data breach.
A call centre to respond to your customer inquiries about a data breach.
Credit monitoring, identity monitoring to individuals whose personal information was potentially impacted by a data breach.
Public relations and crisis management costs to mitigate reputational harm to your organisation.
Website recovery services*

This cover provides costs for dosarrest.com to remedy a slow down or failure of your websites as a result of a denial of service attack.

Data recovery costs*
Costs to regain access to, replace, or restore data that you incur as a result of a security breach.

Optional covers
Once you have opted into the free cyber insurance, you will have the option to pay for higher limits of the cover directly with Superscript (up to £2 million).

Jurisdictional limit excluding USA and CAN
Extortion threat exclusion – No payment made arising out of a extortion threat

What is not covered
Cybercrime: Fraudulent instruction, Funds transfer fraud, telephone hacking, botnet attacks, cryptojacking
Payment card liabilities and costs
Cyber business interruption
Cyber Extortion loss

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