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Do you only do pen testing, or do you also provide Red Teaming services?

We specialise in pen testing but are familiar with Red Teaming and can discuss those needs if required.
The main differences between red teaming and penetration testing are depth and scope.

Pen testing is designed to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period.

Red teaming is a deeper assessment conducted over weeks designed to test an organisation’s detection and response capabilities and achieve set objectives, such as data exfiltration.

Red teaming occurs when your organisation authorizes ethical hackers to emulate real attackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) against your systems.


We have a great network of cyber experts with whom we work.

Other services that we can introduce to you include:

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • CISO Advisor
  • Mentoring for organisations
  • Human Risk and Security Culture

Our priority is the security of our clients and bringing them up to speed with defence techniques.

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