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How do you ensure security of client credentials?

Security is a core tenant of ABCOM IT solutions that we take very seriously.

Customers trust us to protect sensitive resources and documentation.

This guide will outline the steps we take to protect customer data.


In-house we have a firewall and all systems are protected with multiple layers of Multi-Factor Authentication.

Our hosted environments run on a hybrid Microsoft Azure/ Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS infrastructure. We utilise best-of-breed infrastructure tools to make sure that the instances we host are very secure. Our hosted environment where documentation and passwords are also SOC 2 Type II certified.

We are Cyber Essentials certified and encourage all clients to become certified also. In fact, we can help you get certified.

Rigorous Security Testing

ABCOM undergoes regular security design reviews, threat modelling, and regular penetration tests using independent third-party firms.

We also actively engage with the security community.


Our platforms utilise military-grade encryption algorithms (AES 256-bit GCM, PBKDF2) to protect sensitive documentation, alongside techniques like tokenisation to ensure any key exchange keys are safe.