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Adding 365 emails on Android (Outlook and Gmail)

Adding emails with the Outlook App:

First off, you’ll need to install the Outlook App, which can be found on the Google Play Store. Once it’s downloaded, open the app, and follow it’s instructions. Outlook may pick up email accounts already on your phone, and if you don’t wish to add these, select skip these accounts if such a page appears. When you reach a page with a box that says “enter your email”, Input your email address into the box, and click the continue button at the bottom of the screen. Let it load until an option saying “add account manually” appears, and select it. You should reach a screen with several for email providers, and if you’re adding your work email, select Office 365. It should ask you to enter your password, and may ask for some kind of additional authentication, such as a code from a text or app. Follow these steps, and you should be seeing your inbox. Additionally, if you need to set up other Microsoft apps, like Teams or Word, it should now pick up your account automatically.


Adding emails with the Gmail App:

This option is the most common email app included with Android devices, but I would strongly recommend using Outlook for work emails. If your business or employer is a customer with Abcom, your email is likely to be setup through Microsoft, and you will get the best functionality with Outlook. If you still desire to use Gmail for work, please follow these steps. If you were required to make a Google account when setting your phone up, it will already be signed into Gmail, so click on the profile picture in the top right corner, and select add another account. For a work account, select Exchange and Office 365, and enter your email address. Select next in the bottom right corner, and enter your password when prompted. You may be prompted to enter a code sent to you via text, or to set up an app to verify your account. Once this is finished, your inbox should be visible from the account list accessible by clicking the profile picture in the top right of Gmail.