What is your onboarding process?

Yann 3 minutes

Upon partnering with us for your technology needs, we initiate by deploying our specialised software on your systems. This crucial step involves removing any previous support company’s access for security reasons. Our software package includes Antivirus protection and advanced monitoring capabilities designed to identify and address potential issues within your network proactively. Additionally, with your authorisation, this software enables us …

What areas do you service?

Yann 5 minutes

We Proudly Serve Diverse Locations: Expert IT Support in Sussex, London, and Beyond We value serving a broad client base in the evolving information technology landscape. Our operations are centred in the picturesque regions of West Sussex and East Sussex and the vibrant city of London, where we provide comprehensive on-site IT support tailored to the unique needs of these …

How do I initiate a remote support session with ABCOM?

Yann 1 minute

f we need a remote support session please follow the following steps: Navigate to ABCOM Remote support you will see the following prompts and we will supply you with a support key to add. Then we should be able to take control of your computer.

How does the IT support process work?

Yann 2 minutes

Refer to this FAQ as a general starting point and maybe the resolution is already listed. If not then please log a Ticket with our IT Support Helpdesk. There are 3 simple, easy ways of logging a Ticket. By emailing, help@abcom.co.uk By telephone 01444 871200 option 1 By clicking on the support icon on your workstation. Once you have reached …

How quickly can your team respond to emergencies?

Yann 1 minute

Our firm offers Office 9-5:30 office hours support. Tickets are underpinned with a 2 Hour Service Level Agreement (SLA). Beyond that we have 24/7 monitering with guaranteed response times as defined in our Service Level Agreements. We pride ourselves on rapid, effective responses.

Are your services more expensive than hiring an in-house IT team?

Yann 1 minute

No, our services can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house IT team. You only pay per device, with no additional PAYE or full-time wage expenses. These benefits can result in long-term savings compared to the overheads and constraints of an in-house team. Our extensive experience with diverse scenarios and systems ensures a level of expertise that’s hard to match. …

How does your pricing model for IT support differ from competitors?

Yann 3 minutes

We have several complelling reasons that make our pricing model superior: Transparency: Unlike many competitors who have hidden fees or complex pricing structures, our pricing is clear and straightforward. You know exactly what you’re paying for, eliminating any unexpected costs or surprises. Hence we are showcasing our pricing on our website . Device-Based Pricing: Our model is predicated on the …