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What happens if my internet goes down? Will I lose phone service?

In the unlikely event of on-site connectivity loss, calls can be immediately redirected to other sites, mobile devices and/or home and remote workers.
It is not necessary to invoke any disaster recovery plan. Instead, calls will seamlessly be diverted to pre-configured destinations, ensuring no disruption to your customers or business.
This is to ensure Business Continuity for your business or Charity.

You will likely lose phone service if your internet goes down while using our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP technology relies on an internet connection to transmit voice data. Therefore, a power outage or an internet outage renders VoIP services inoperable. . Businesses without a backup power supply or alternative internet connection could not make or receive calls during such outages.

In the case of Gamma VoIP, network issues or outages (like a national network fibre break) can impact both Voice and Data connectivity services, including VoIP services.

For assistance during such situations, our supplier provides a 24/7 support desk.