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Can I integrate your telecom services with my existing IT infrastructure?

Our team specialises in seamless integration, ensuring our telecoms solution fits perfectly with your existing setup.

You can get the ball rolling with either of these 3 methods:
1) Visit our website at https://abcom.co.uk/contact/ and fill out the contact form.
2) Send an email to hello@abcom.co.uk detailing your requirements.
3) Call us aon 01444 871200 option 2 during business hours.

Assessment, Quote, and Install:

Initial Consultation: Here we will look to understand your current setup, requirements, and objectives.
Site Survey: We may need to visit the business location to assess infrastructure and connectivity needs.
Recommendation Report: Once we have the facts we will provide you with a detailed report on recommended broadband solutions.
Quotation: Next we will send you a comprehensive quote covering all costs.
Approval: We will await your approval on the quote.
Scheduling: Once apoproved we will advise on an installation date. We know you may want to move fast so we will look to the soonest date.
Installation: Our technicians will set up the new broadband system. This may be after the Openreach visit.
Post-Installation Testing: Ensure the broadband works as per the agreed specification. We can dial in and do our own checks.
Training & Handover: We will train you on the new system and hand over all necessary documentation.
Support & Maintenance: Offer ongoing support as needed. This is what we excel at post install and ongoing support.

We look forward to assisting you.