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What is the Horizon Call Centre?

Boost your WordPress experience with Horizon Call Centre – the premium addition to your core Horizon package. Tailored for call centres, this feature-rich extension is effortlessly managed via a user-friendly web portal. This is a paid for add on for Horizon.

Here’s why Horizon Call Centre is the must-have solution for businesses:

Optimised Call Distribution: Ensure calls land in the right hands for efficient resolution.
Enhanced Caller Experience: Keep tabs on your incoming call activity for superior service.
Swift Call Escalation: Handle challenging calls with ease, ensuring rapid and effective solutions.
Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of both historical and real-time data to pinpoint training needs and manage resources during high-demand periods.
Flexible Service Plans: Pay-as-you-go flexibility lets you adjust according to your requirements, scaling seamlessly.