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What is a soft client?

The Soft Client offers a seamless integration between your office phone and various devices like laptops, PCs, and mobile handsets. As a cloud-based solution, it grants comprehensive control over your account and facilitates call management from virtually anywhere.

Key Benefits:

Cost Efficiency: By sidestepping the need for a traditional business handset, Horizon Soft Client reduces initial expenses for hosted solutions.
Mobility: Installed on mobile devices, it minimizes roaming call charges, ensuring cost-effective communication while on the move.
Professionalism: Calls made through the app display either your business phone number or a dedicated DDI, maintaining a professional image.
Enhanced Security: For teams using personal phones, simply logging into the app ensures secure business communications, protecting sensitive data and conversations.
Switching to a soft client not only streamlines communication but also offers tangible benefits in terms of cost, mobility, and security.