Over the last month remote working has become more important than ever, and since Microsoft introduced their solution to communication and productivity it’s become the go to choice for companies across the globe. It’s just celebrated it’s third birthday of keeping employee’s connected from the comfort of their own home and with that comes a selection of new features to enhance the Microsoft Team’s experience. Here is a summary of the latest updates, as well as look at what is coming soon. Existing clients using Teams , we will be sending some updates and contacting you via email and newsletters. If you are not an existing client but want to get more out of Teams and office in general talk to us. We can help you make a seamless switch from your existing supplier and you can immediately benefit from our proactive approach. Please give us a shout.

Background Blur




Working from home there are bound to be various distractions from the dog running around the house, to someone walking into your home office. This new feature from Microsoft will prevent these distractions from being an issue in your work conference calls. When it’s turned on it will keep the user in focus but blur out the background behind you, it’s already available on desktops and will soon arrive on iPhones and iPads.

High audio quality




Do you have issues with your Wi-Fi connection in your home office? Is this affecting the audio experience in conference calls? Fear no more. Microsoft have introduced a consistent high audio quality, even if you’re experiencing a poor Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Bookings application

Microsoft have now introduced a bookings application into Teams. With this application you can schedule, and conduct appoints with external participants. This means meetings with clients, job interviews, healthcare appointments and much more.

Reduce background noise

Not only has Microsoft introduced background blur, but they’ve also introduced the ability to reduce background noise in Teams meetings. A new real-time noise suppression algorithm will automatically prevent this background noise to ensure a clearer, consistent high quality audio experience.


Raise your hand



I’m sure we were all taught in school to raise their hand when they would like to speak, and thanks to Microsoft Team’s this is now being used as a visual cue in Teams meetings.

All you’ll need to do is raise your hand which will and an icon will appear to indicate that you would like to speak. This will prevent people interrupting each other making conference calls an experience where everyone has a chance to talk.

Other latest updates

Amongst this plethora of new and exciting features being introduced into Team’s, the fun doesn’t stop there. Oh no it doesn’t! There more fun to be had with a few more pocket sized improvements.

  • Teams chats can now be popped into multiple windows which will streamline workflow.
  • You can now access Team’s without internet, as well as in low-performance settings.
  • Up to 10.000 users can be added into a single team.
  • Group chats can now include up to 250 members.
  • Teams and Skype can now communicate with each other, very helpful for conference calls where someone might not have Team’s.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Lastly, Microsoft has made updates to their 365 Business Voice platform. This will allow small and medium business enterprises to make and receive phone calls from Team’s. It’s been available in the UK and Canada since November 2019, and available in the US from 1st of April. Microsoft 365 Business Voice promises an enterprise-grade phone system, built-in audio conferencing as well as a calling plan for making and receiving PSTN calls to any number. All of these amazing features in one application.

If you have any queries or are interested in making these tools accessible to your team and business or you are experiencing lackluster support form your IT support then please reach out,  on 01444 871200.

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