Microsoft Viva – Va Va voom

Microsoft has announced the launch of their employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva.

Delivered through Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva incorporates a number of third-party solutions and is designed to help businesses create a “thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders,” (Microsoft).

Microsoft Viva is designed to support four key areas of employee engagement – connecting and collaborating with colleagues, supporting company culture, providing contextual learning and promoting wellbeing and mental health.

This new platform recognises the changing needs of organisations, and in particular those resulting from the move to remote working in response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with an eye to a future that will see the majority of businesses operating a hybrid model of remote/office-based working practices.

Microsoft Viva delivers an integrated solution, from one central hub and is designed to support the workforce of the future, a hybrid workforce in a digital era.


With Microsoft reporting 60% of surveyed remote working employees feeling less connected to their team, Connections is all about rebuilding the connections between team members and across the business.

Helping to replace the in-person forums that lockdown currently makes impossible, Viva Connections makes it easy to find relevant colleagues and identifies appropriate forums to join, within a business-fostered culture of inclusion.


According to a mental health study cited by Microsoft, 70% of interviewed employees were reporting higher stress levels, with 40% stating poorer mental health overall.

Viva Insights is designed to support mental health improvement, through creating better work habits, and delivering personalised insights and actionable recommendations. Emphasis is on helping employees to work smarter not harder, and to make the most of their time.


Microsoft has designed their knowledge and expertise pillar to become the “Wikipedia for the organisation”.

Artificial intelligence will help turn content into usable knowledge, collating and organising the collective knowledge of a business into contextual topic pages, and which are easily accessible to the relevant audience.


Developing employee skills across the workforce is vital for a successful business – 79% of CEOs globally surveyed report a lack of essential skills preventing future growth.

Microsoft’s skilling and growth pillar aims to create a culture of learning embedded into the normal every day of every employee – with learning sources ranging from colleagues to formal forums delivered by online course providers.

Glint, is a ‘people success platform’, providing insights into an organisation’s culture and workforce health to support effective business decisions and improve business results.

Coursera provides courses from 200+ different companies and universities, such as Imperial College London, to support the ongoing development of skills and expertise across the business.

ServiceNow delivers digital workflows to help connect employees and systems across the business.

As Viva is introduced we are happy to assist all our present and new customers how this can really help the business form the imside out. Let us show you how you can incoporate them to help your organisation , promote collaboration, culture and wellbeing.

We welcome your enquiries into this exciting new product. If you are already an existing customer we will be in touch to discuss how this tool can help. If you are with another supplier but would like to learn more and indeed you want a better service delivery then lets have an informal chat.