“ The trunking and cabling look great and everything completed on time. ”

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    Supplying managed broadband to businesses.

    We are able to check your details and offer services from a range of providers.

    • FTTC , ADSL and ETP
    • Converged and Leased lines
    • Mobile Connectivity including 3G/4G and 5G


    (VOIP is basically, telephones over the internet.)

    Upgrade your telephony and downsize your bills.

    Hosted telephony is more flexible than traditional phone systems.

    Whether you are remote working or office based we can connect you.

    More cost effective, scalable, and resilient.

    • Fixed monthly costs.
    • Bundled minutes.


    Do you need more network points or need a comparative quote?

    We offer:

    • Cabling – both CAT5e & CAT6
    • Wireless Installations
    • Troubleshooting
    • Terminations
    • Site survey and wireless ‘heatmaps’

    Office moves

    Our team can provide a seamless transfer from one site to another, and also assisting users to work from home.

    Whether your business is moving, growing, or downsizing we can assist.