Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 by ABCOM IT Solutions, featuring a central shield labeled "E5" surrounded by icons of devices, locks, and clouds on a digital background.

Keep Your Business Safe with Enterprise Mobility + Security E5: Why You Need This Powerful Tool

Yann Cybersecurity, News 6 minutes

In today’s world, cyber threats are everywhere, and it’s crucial to protect your business from potential attacks. As your trusted IT partner, we believe that the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) E5 suite from Microsoft is a must-have for keeping your Microsoft 365 environment secure. We are now re commending it to all our clients as necessary. Here’s why this …

Hand pointing at an envelope icon with a notification badge, under the heading "Email Changes That Might Affect Your Business Growth" and a Microsoft logo on the side.

Email Changes That Might Affect Your Business Growth

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Email Changes That Might Affect Your Business GrowthMost small businesses are now leveraging the power of email marketing by sending out weekly or monthly newsletters to their client base and prospects. These newsletters can be managed in-house or outsourced to a marketing agency. Depending on the size of the email list, businesses might use an email marketing platform like Mailchimp …

Breaking news banner announcing a new partnership between ABCOM IT Solutions and The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East, featuring both organizations' logos.

SECRC strikes new collaborative and strategic partnership with ABCOM IT Solutions

Yann News 4 minutes

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East are delighted to announce a new collaborative and strategic partnership with ABCOM IT Solutions. ABCOM IT Solutions have joined The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East (SECRC) as a member to support businesses in the South East against cybercrime. West Sussex based ABCOM IT Solutions proudly provide a full spectrum of …

Promotional graphic for "cyberproofing your security: the 2024 guide to improving data security posture" by abcom it solutions, featuring an office with people working at computers.

The 2024 Guide to Improving Security Posture

Yann News 3 minutes

This week, we gave a presentation for the Haywards Heath Business Association (HHBA) and discussed some solutions to ensure business safety. In this article and guide, we expand on the various solutions. The current landscape of cyber threats exposes all businesses to risks, regardless of their size, industry, or maturity level. Advancements in AI technology have enabled criminals to execute …

Exploring the future: automation in 2024 and the three trends influencing global shifts.

Automation in 2024: Three Trends Shaping the Universal Shift

Yann Guides 9 minutes

Introduction Automation is simply unmissable in the modern business world. With 48% of businesses utilising automation as part of their processes, it’s become essential to know the technology’s ins and outs and how it can be useful to your organisation. Nearly half of all businesses integrate automation into their workflows, so it’s not just a buzzword—it’s a revolution. As we …

Pedestrians waiting to cross a busy street at night under streetlights.

What is Hacktivism?

Yann News 5 minutes

Hacktivism refers to cyber-activism, or breaking into a computer system to wage an information war for political, social, religious, or anarchistic reasons. From protests and sit-ins to doxing and distributed denial-of-service attacks, hacktivism gained new authority with the rise of optical networking in 1996. They are proven to be powerful change agents; virtual vigilantes known as hacktivists build and deploy …

Two professionals discussing data analytics on a dual monitor setup with a presentation title overlay: "SharePoint: Best Practices for Businesses.

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: Best Practices for Businesses

Yann News 11 minutes

In today’s digital world, collaboration is key. To power real-time collaboration, using a platform that allows you to share files and edit documents can help your business become more productive and better utilise your team’s strengths.  Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive can do this, but they excel in different ways. Choosing which one to use in your business and for what …

Person analyzing a bar graph report labeled "hacking statistics in the uk.

Hacking statistics in the UK

Yann News 11 minutes

Cyber security is an increasingly critical area of concern for UK businesses as the landscape of cyber threats continues to evolve. With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated, your business could be exposed to a variety of risks including ransomware, phishing, and data breaches. The impact of these cybercrimes on the UK economy and individual businesses can be substantial, not only financially but also in terms …

Achieving cost savings through it support outsourcing in brighton.

Achieving Cost Savings Through IT Support Outsourcing in Brighton

Yann News 34 minutes

Achieving cost savings through IT support outsourcing in Brighton can be a smart move for businesses looking to reduce their IT costs while still maintaining high-quality support. In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need to stay competitive and agile, and IT outsourcing can provide the flexibility and lower costs they need to achieve this.   IT support outsourcing in Brighton …

Learn how to spot and avoid phishing emails, as well as report any suspicious ones.

Phishing Emails: How to Spot and Avoid Them

Yann News 16 minutes

Phishing emails are becoming increasingly common, and they can be difficult to spot. These fake emails are designed to trick you into clicking on a link, sharing personal information, or giving away your money. They often use branding from businesses or organizations you already have a connection with, such as your bank or doctor, or from companies you might be …

Vulnerability vs penetration test what is the difference?.

What’s the difference between a vulnerability scan and a penetration test?

Yann Cybersecurity 6 minutes

In the realm of Cybersecurity, it’s crucial to understand the differences between several types of security assessments to learn where your organisation is vulnerable, so you can steer away from companies disguising basic vulnerability scans as comprehensive penetration tests. Two frequently used security assessments are vulnerability scans and penetration tests. Although they may appear the same, they have distinct purposes …

Important update windows server 2012 support for your desktop practice.

Important Update: Microsoft Server 2012 Support Ending for Your Dental Practice

Yann News 4 minutes

If you’re a dentist practising in the UK, it’s important to stay up-to-date on changes that could affect your practice. One such change is the end of support for Microsoft Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2, which will occur on March 31, 2024. This means that after this date, you won’t receive any more updates from Software of Excellence for …

Horizon for microsoft teams revolutionary voice solution for businesses.

Horizon for Microsoft Teams: A Voice Solution for Businesses

Yann eBooks & Downloadable Content, News 5 minutes

How to make and receive calls globally with Horizon for Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration platform that allows businesses to communicate, share, and work together online. However, to enable voice calling within Teams, businesses need to either use Microsoft Calling Plans, which can be expensive and limited, or use a third-party solution that integrates with Teams. Horizon …

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot Webinar

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot

Yann AI, Events, News 2 minutes

Join us for an insightful exploration of the brand-new and remarkable AI tool, Microsoft 365 Copilot. In this webinar, we will provide a whistlestop tour of Microsoft Copilot for Office 365, highlighting its immense potential. We’ll also delve into crucial considerations tailored to your business needs. Our primary objective is to assist businesses in harnessing the power of AI within …

Tech trends are constantly evolving and in 2024, there are some exciting developments to look forward to. Stay ahead of the game by familiarizing yourself with these 10 tech trends that will shape the

Tech Trends 2024: 10 Trends to Help You Get Ahead

Yann AI, News 2 minutes

In this ebook, we will look at the trends of 2024.  Cloud and AI integration to advanced security. In the year 2024, the confluence of AI, cloud technologies, and cybersecurity all manifest with heightened prominence, fashioning a formidable digital ecosystem. In 2024, we find ourselves at the crossroads of limitless potential, armed with the knowledge that the fusion of AI, …

Staying ahead of phishing scams in 2020 - a business guide to email phishing scams.

Staying Ahead of Phishing Scams in 2024: A Business Guide to Cybersecurity

Yann News 10 minutes

In the modern world, there are many different types of cyber-attacks that your business will come up against. However, one of the most pervasive attacks is social engineering — the most constantly evolving threat a business can face. One of the most common social engineering attacks, phishing, has only been getting stronger with new technologies that make it easier than …

Cyber security simplified understanding nst 2 for small businesses.

Cybersecurity Simplified: Understanding NIST 2.0 for Small Businesses

Yann Cybersecurity 10 minutes

Cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for businesses of all sizes as cyber-attacks continue to rise. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks as larger businesses typically have robust security processes. Thus, SMBs face unique challenges when managing cybersecurity risks; due to limited resources and an ever-evolving threat landscape, SMBs often find themselves in a precarious position.   …

The colorful logo for copilot on a background.

Microsoft Copilot is Coming: The Game-Changing AI Revolution!

Yann News, Video 2 minutes

Microsoft Copilot is Coming, marking a new era in AI technology. This video briefly delves into the groundbreaking features of Microsoft Copilot, exploring its potential to revolutionize various industries. We’ll discuss its applications, from enhancing productivity to reshaping the tech landscape. The immediate benefits to businesses for using Microsoft Copilot include: Enhanced Productivity: Copilot can increase employee productivity by over …

Anatomy of a Phone Bill.

Anatomy of a Phone Bill

Yann Connectivity 3 minutes

When you get your phone bill, it’s hard to know what it means and what you’re paying for. Going through the nuts and bolts of it could uncover hidden charges you’re paying unnecessarily… Understanding your phone bill is just one way to find cost savings for the New Year. When it comes to potential savings on your phone bill by …

Merry christmas and happy new year from a santa claus in a sleigh during the Holiday Opening Times.

Holiday Opening Times

Yann News 1 minute

For all our Contract customers, we will be normal until 5 pm on the 22nd of December. Over the Christmas period, we will be running a reduced emergency-only service. Please call our support number if you need support at this time. We will be open as normal again on the 2nd of January. We want to take this opportunity to …

Unlocking the potential of Microsoft Copilot: 4 expert tips for proposing.

Unlocking the Potential of Microsoft Copilot: 4 Expert Tips for Prompting

Yann AI, News 11 minutes

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that can help any organisation truly unlock its full potential. Microsoft is at the forefront of pushing this technology to the next level — and Microsoft Copilot is one of its most innovative tools. Essentially designed to be your companion for your generative AI needs, Microsoft Copilot is a powerful tool that can generate high-quality …

Preview of the world's first powered news network.

AI Generated news network

Yann AI, News 2 minutes

Channel 1, based in Los Angeles, is poised to be the world’s first news network to employ fully digital, AI-generated anchors. This marks a significant leap in technology integration in media and journalism. The AI anchors are designed to deliver news in various domains, including international affairs, finance, and entertainment, providing viewers with a diverse and comprehensive news experience. It …

Gamma technical alliance partner.

Service provider ABCOM IT Solutions awarded Technical Alliance status with leading UCaaS Supplier Gamma

Yann News 9 minutes

ABCOM IT Solutions has over 25+ years of industry experience in hardware, software, full IT and UCaaS solutions. Yann Davies, Managing Director, comments on what Gamma’s Technical Alliance status means for ABCOM as a business: “We are thrilled to have been accredited to the Technical Alliance Program. Customers benefit from the reassurance that they receive first-class service from highly skilled …

AI-powered social media methods to ask and discover.

Upcoming AI & Social Media Zoom webinar

Yann Events, News, Social Media 2 minutes

If you work in a business-to-business company then here’s your chance to find out some of the latest ideas and innovations in AI and Social Media to help your B2B business grow. – B2B: AI & Social Media: How B2B Are Using AI & Social Media Together? Custom GPTs – Exciting Examples for B2B Growth Prepping Before Your Prompt: How …

The complete guide to server decommissioning.

The Complete Guide to Server Decommissioning

Yann News 10 minutes

As with any piece of hardware, your servers will eventually come to the end of their lifespan. But what do you do with your server afterwards? How do you remove it from your systems and ensure everything remains stable and secure? This process is known as server decommissioning and is vital to consider whenever you take servers out of your …

Microsoft 365 Copilot provides guidance on how to get your company ready for AI adoption.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: How to get ready for AI adoption in your company

Yann AI, News 10 minutes

Here, we have the AI revolution. Businesses worldwide are incorporating AI into their operations rapidly, and with good reason—AI is incredibly versatile and powerful. Given the variety of activities AI can perform for your company, it can be difficult to know where to begin when implementing AI in your operations. Microsoft Copilot gives you access to the most potent AI …

Server warranties ensure continuity, leaving no server behind and safeguarding secret information.

No Server Left Behind: Warranty Secrets for IT continuity

Yann Guides 4 minutes

A standard three-year server warranty is just the start. To truly protect your IT setup, you need to know the nitty-gritty of your warranty. We’ll highlight why you can’t overlook warranty details, how they link to your bottom line, and how to pick the right warranty to fit your business needs. Server Warranties: Beyond the Basics The typical three-year warranty …

Benefits of leasing lines vs tctc - which is right for you?.

Benefits of Leased Line vs FTTC: Which Is Right For You?

Yann Connectivity, Services 5 minutes

Leased Lines and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) have their strengths regarding broadband connections. But which one is the best fit for your needs? Depending on your business type and the number of users, you need to consider several factors in deciding which connection will work best. Here, we break down the benefits of each. 1. Speed: Leased lines shine …

Understanding the dual edge of AI - core security risks & threats.

The Dual-Edge of AI: Understanding Core Security Risks & Countermeasures

Yann AI, Cybersecurity 8 minutes

THE DUAL-EDGE OF AI: UNDERSTANDING CORE SECURITY RISKS & COUNTERMEASURES Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly shaping the conversations around the globe. Its rapid evolution makes it imperative for businesses to grasp not only its perks but the lurking threats. After all, with power comes responsibility, right? Top 4 Security Risks Associated with AI Ever wondered why superheroes face villains? …

Do you need better wifi coverage?.

What does a wireless survey entail?

Yann Services 3 minutes

In the age of seamless connectivity, a robust wireless network is the lifeblood of any organization. ABCOM offers a comprehensive Wireless Survey solution to ensure optimal performance and coverage, empowered by sophisticated Heatmap Software and a copy of your building’s schematics. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of our offering, explaining how it enhances network optimization and cost-effectiveness. …

The benefits of ftp fibre to the premises.

The Benefits of FTTP

Yann Services 1 minute

Have you switched onto Full Fibre yet? FTTP lines are immune to interference and do not suffer the signal attenuation experienced by copper lines carrying traditional broadband services to the premises. As a result, ultrafast FTTP broadband services deliver significantly higher speeds and are more reliable. Seriously increasing your capabilities, productivity, and output, and removing any reliance on copper-based PSTN …

A phone with the microsoft authentication app on it.

Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Yann News 4 minutes

Microsoft is enabling a stronger form of multifactor authentication beginning September 15, 2023 Whom is this aimed at? This will be aimed at companies with Microsoft Entra ID tenants. Why is Microsoft doing this? This is an urgent initiative to drive Azure AD users to transition from SMS/Voice-based Multi-factor Authentication to Microsoft Authenticator app-based MFA. These telephony-based methods of MFA …

Attention charity business leaders.

Cyber Security Awareness Event: Empowering Businesses and Charities

Yann Events 4 minutes

?ATTENTION CHARITY & BUSINESS LEADERS!? ?Are you ready to LEVEL UP your cybersecurity game?? STOP being an easy target for cyberattacks! It’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools you NEED to protect your organization! ?Join our FREE Cyber Awareness Event NOW!? ?WHY? Because cyber threats are NOT slowing down, and neither should you! ?WHAT WILL YOU GET? …

we now offer network penetration testing.

Why Penetration Testing is Essential: A Guide to Robust Cybersecurity

Yann News, Services 4 minutes

1. Introduction: In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are the front-line defenders for businesses. As cyber threats multiply, the protective umbrella of our service stack broadens, with penetration testing standing out as a linchpin. Here’s the rundown on its significance: 2. Unearth Vulnerabilities Before They Become Threats: Think of penetration testing as a proactive cyber drill. …

Dark web scanning reports

Understanding the Dark Web and its Threats

Yann Services 7 minutes

The dark web, notorious for criminal activity, is the hotspot for cybercriminals trading stolen data. Business credentials or personal details can quickly end up on auction for the highest bidder. Have Your Credentials Been Breached? If your information surfaces on the dark web, it’s a clear sign of a data breach. This compromise can arise from insecure sites, misleading email …

A device connecting the horizon of mobile, tablet, and computer with a built-in phone.

Horizon – A cutting edge cloud phone system for better business communication

Yann News 3 minutes

Horizon Hosted is a pioneering cloud-based telephone system designed to integrate advanced telephony features into businesses of various sizes seamlessly. With its core telephony switching equipment hosted directly in the telephone exchange, Horizon Hosted offers a robust and reliable solution with a low initial financial commitment. Key Features and Benefits: Cost-Effective Solution: Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, Horizon Hosted …

The BT switch off plan prompts urgent action to implement best practices.

The Big Switch Off Best Practice Plan – Take action now

Yann Guides 3 minutes

Emerging technologies such as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are poised to revolutionize digital services, surpassing the outdated PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) networks. By embracing these advancements, customers can expect various advantages, including enhanced capacity, faster speeds, and a versatile range of features. By the end of 2025, PSTN will be switched off across …

Google reviews

ABCOM IT Solutions Google Review Showcase

Yann News 4 minutes

Hello there, We hope this message finds you well. We’re excited to share some of the positive feedback ABCOM IT Solutions has received from our esteemed customers via Google reviews. We believe these reviews will give you a clear understanding of our quality of work and the experiences we deliver. Review by Jane Gareze Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review Date: A month …

A cyber-awareness flyer aiming to demystify cybersecurity.

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Awareness: Exclusive Event by ABCOM, featuring Chris White, on September 12th

Yann News 3 minutes

We are thrilled to invite you to an enlightening event happening on September 12th, from 10 AM – 1 PM, hosted at the scenic Mid Sussex Golf Club. We have a stimulating schedule lined up, with the spotlight on an essential topic – Cybersecurity. Our keynote speaker, Chris White, is a respected Police Detective Inspector and the accomplished Head of …

IT Challenges

Strategies for Success: Conquering IT Challenges in Nonprofits

Yann Guides 9 minutes

Introduction: Charities in the UK play a crucial role in providing essential services to people worldwide, but often they encounter unique IT challenges due to limited budgets and factors of a nonprofit nature. As the digital world continues to evolve, UK nonprofits must address these obstacles to remain effective and competitive. In this guide, we’ll explore the top IT challenges …

A diagram depicting Microsoft cloud services, including Intune.

Microsoft Intune: An Overview

Yann News 3 minutes

Microsoft Intune forms part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security package. It’s a top-notch cloud service designed for superior mobile device and app management. As an MSP, we offer custom Microsoft Intune services to suit your business needs. These services promote productivity, enhance security, and improve the user experience. Why Choose Microsoft Intune? 1. UEM Excellence: Intune combines with other …

Upgrade, end of support

Why is Windows Server 2012 R2 becoming obsolete?

Yann News 8 minutes

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 was the fifth version of the Windows Server operating system. It was released to the market in September 2012, followed by its successor, Windows Server 2012 R2, in October 2013. All Microsoft products and packages adhere to a fixed lifecycle policy. Once a product reaches its end of life, Microsoft no longer provides support or security …

Microsoft 365 copilot - transforming business operations with Microsoft copilot.

Reimagining Business Operations with Microsoft 365 Copilot: A Comprehensive Overview

Yann News 7 minutes

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes an indispensable part of enterprise solutions globally, tech behemoths like Microsoft have begun integrating AI capabilities into their flagship tools and applications. A notable example is the innovative Microsoft 365 Copilot that has revolutionised Microsoft’s 365 platform like never before. This article delves into the details of Microsoft 365 Copilot, its groundbreaking features, and the …

An image of a man boxing with the words introduction 2 cyber incident response plan using the cyber incident form.

Introduction to a Cyber Incident Response Plan

Yann Guides 2 minutes

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023 highlights that in the last 12 months: 32% of businesses and 24% of charities overall recall any breaches or attacks. This is much higher for medium businesses (59%), large businesses (69%) and high-income charities with £500,000 or more in annual income (56%). Among those identifying any breaches or attacks, we estimate that the single …

Are you GDAP ready?

Elevate Your GDPR Compliance with ABCOM IT Solutions and GDAP

Yann Cybersecurity, News 5 minutes

At ABCOM IT Solutions, we are committed to providing comprehensive data privacy and security solutions. A key part of our offerings is the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Data Access Protocol (GDAP). Designed to empower individuals and businesses with control over their data, GDAP aligns seamlessly with the regulations set forth by the GDPR, making it a …

Ensuring uninterrupted operations by empowering acomm and its clients with robust business continuity.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations: Empowering ABCOM and its Valued Clients with Robust Business Continuity

Yann News 2 minutes

In order to ensure uninterrupted business operations and provide temporary broadband connectivity to our clients, we have taken proactive measures to enhance our infrastructure. We are proud to announce the implementation of our very own Starlink satellite setup, enabling us to maintain business continuity even in remote areas with limited network coverage. This advanced technology allows us to offer reliable …

A business card with the words convertable digital marketing for your business.

Digital Marketing services : Convertable

Yann Services, Social Media 4 minutes

We only endorse companies we work with that are reliable and deliver results. The website and our marketing have had a nice overhaul. Therefore we are happy to recommend their services. ” Do you want to attract more customers, amplify your brand’s reach, and increase sales? Hi, Luc here from Convertable. I appreciate your interest, and believe me, I understand …

A flyer promoting Webroot DNS Protection for enhanced online security.

Webroot DNS Protection

Yann News 4 minutes

DNS filtering is like having a digital bouncer for your internet connection. It helps keep you safe by blocking access to harmful or inappropriate websites before they can even reach your device. It’s like having a security guard that checks the ID of every website you want to visit and only allows the ones that are trustworthy and safe. So, …

The importance of backup and disaster recovery.

Unlocking Peace of Mind: The Crucial Role of Backup and Disaster Recovery

Yann Guides 11 minutes

Regarding computer catastrophes, individuals often rely on backups as their go-to solution for restoring their data. However, for larger organisations, the effectiveness of backups in post-disaster scenarios is limited. On the other hand, organisations that have a well-structured and comprehensive disaster recovery process in place are able to swiftly restore operations. Both detailed backup and disaster recovery processes are crucial …

The very useful guide to windows 11 shortcuts.

Windows 11 shortcuts

Yann Guides 11 minutes

  Welcome to our updated Windows 11 shortcuts guide   Windows key + A — Open the Quick Settings panel. This lets you turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aeroplane mode, and more features on or off. You can also adjust the brightness of your screen and computer volume in this panel. Windows key + C — Open Chat with Microsoft Teams. This …

Navigating the digital landscape discovering the top four trends in transformation.

Navigating the Digital Landscape: Discovering the Top Four Trends in Transformation

Yann AI, News 8 minutes

As the business world continues to embrace the digital future, digital transformation is gaining popularity among companies worldwide, including in the United Kingdom. After all, in a world that is increasingly digital, companies must evolve to keep up with the modern era. Multiple ways to initiate your organization’s transformation have emerged, and several key digital transformation trends have gained prominence …

Exploring the opportunities and threats in AI and cybersecurity.

AI and Cybersecurity: The Threats and Opportunities

Yann AI, News 13 minutes

In the past few months and years, one thing has become certain in the technological world — artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. As new AI-based technologies are developed and explored both by individuals and businesses around the world, the onslaught of AI has meant that there are a number of cybersecurity risks to now consider in the modern …

An image of a futuristic city at night.

Roadmap to Cloud Migration: A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your IT Infrastructure Move

Yann News 7 minutes

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, businesses are increasingly recognizing the necessity to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud migration offers various benefits, including scalability, cost savings, and increased security. However, the process of transferring your business’s IT infrastructure to the cloud can be difficult and scary. That’s where our detailed guide comes in. We’ll bring you through the …

Cybersecurity Immunity Logo.

Achieve Cyber ​​Immunity

Yann News 4 minutes

The world of digital technology is evolving at lightning speed, and so are the risks! It’s time to gear up and protect your business from the relentless surge of cyber threats. Embrace the thrill of a high-performance, impenetrable computer network with our Managed Service Provider (MSP) by your side. The Importance of a Cyber Secure Network In the digital battleground, …

A blue circle with a lot of icons around it.

The Future is Now: Benefits of Moving Your IT Infrastructure to the Cloud

Yann News 4 minutes

In today’s competitive environment, businesses must keep ahead of technology. Cloud computing is one of the most recent advances. A recent study found that 60% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) had moved their IT infrastructure to the cloud, with many more exploring it. In this post, we’ll explain the many benefits of moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud …

An image of a padlock on a digital background.

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Small Business from Cyber Threats

Yann News 11 minutes

Table of Contents An Introduction to Penetration Testing for Cybersecurity Why It’s Important for Small Businesses to Do Cyber Security Penetration Testing Different Kinds of Penetration Tests Getting Ready for the Penetration Test Putting the Cybersecurity Penetration Test into Action Analyzing the Results of the Penetration Test for Cybersecurity Fixing the Problems That Have Been Found Follow-Up After the Test …

An image of a brain surrounded by electronic circuits.

3 Ways OpenAI’s GPT Can Transform Your Small Business in 2023

Yann News 6 minutes

Software like OpenAI’s GPT that can process natural language has been called a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses could improve and grow in almost every way possible with OpenAI’s GPT. This essay will talk about the details of OpenAI’s GPT, a cutting-edge technology, and how small and medium-sized businesses can use it to their advantage.   Let’s start …

A blue background with the words upgrading windows 14 %.

Unlock the Untold Power of the Latest Windows for Your Local Business – What You’ve Been Missing

Yann News 6 minutes

If you’re a local business owner, you know how crucial it is to have solid technology. To keep up with the most recent software upgrades and versions, however, can be challenging given the rapid growth of technology. The confusion surrounding which Windows version their company is now running and if it is still maintained by Microsoft is one particular issue …

Managed employee management services for unlocking your company's potential.

Unlocking Your Company’s Full Potential with Managed IT Services

Yann News 4 minutes

In the modern business landscape, organisations face numerous challenges such as increasing costs, skill shortages, complex security requirements, and the need for effective digital transformation. However, managed IT services can help businesses overcome these obstacles and thrive in today’s competitive environment. In this article, we’ll explore how partnering with a managed IT service provider can address common business challenges and …

The consequences of BTS' Big Switchoff on internet trolling.

The Impact of Throttling and the Consequences of “Big Switchoff”

Yann News 4 minutes

OpenReach, the UK’s largest phone and broadband network provider, is preparing for the transition from the old copper phone network (PSTN) to a new ‘Digital Voice’ alternative by 2025. However, some customers are yet to upgrade, prompting OpenReach to introduce measures to encourage action. To prompt customers to upgrade, OpenReach plans to “throttle” broadband speeds and limit phone calls. The …

3 ways you can leverage ChatGPT for your business today.

3 Ways you can use ChatGPT in your business today

Yann Guides 5 minutes

Small business owners are the backbone of our communities, working tirelessly to provide services and products that drive local economies. But with the challenges of managing finances, operations, and customer satisfaction, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the demands of running a small business. That’s where ChatGPT comes in, offering a powerful solution to help small business owners …

Warning IT policy and cyber security considerations.

Onboarding New Staff: IT and Cyber Security Considerations

Yann Guides 6 minutes

Onboarding new staff is an exciting time for any business. It represents growth, expansion, and new opportunities for your company. However, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that the onboarding process is done smoothly and securely. With so much sensitive information being stored on computers and in the cloud, it’s crucial to take an IT and cyber …

How to securely integrate ChatGPT in your business's chatbot.

How to Use ChatGPT Securely in Your Business

Yann News 6 minutes

ChatGPT is a cutting-edge tool that can bring a lot of value to small and medium businesses. With its advanced language processing abilities, it can automate a range of tasks, freeing up time and resources for other important work. However, when it comes to confidential information, it’s essential to make sure that you are using ChatGPT securely. This blog post …

Acomm achieves gold accreditation with Acronis.

ABCOM Achieves Acronis Gold Partner Accreditation

Yann News 3 minutes

ABCOM Achieves Acronis Gold Partner Accreditation ABCOM, a leading provider of technology solutions based in Burgess Hill, is proud to announce it has achieved the Acronis Gold Partner Accreditation. This recognition underscores ABCOM’s commitment to delivering the highest level of cybersecurity and data protection solutions to its customers. Acronis Backup and Cybersecurity Software for Businesses is a comprehensive solution that …

A train station with a sign that says mind the gap.

The technology knowledge gap in your business.

Yann News 5 minutes

In business, as in life, there’s the saying you don’t know what you don’t know. Regarding technology in your business, I’m sure you’ve already covered things like IT support. Most businesses now adopt an outsourced “managed service” for all things to do with IT & Technology. Depending on the size of your business, there may even be an internal team …

Effective budgeting tips and tricks for businesses and charities to procure low cost software licenses.

Effective Budgeting for Software Licenses: Tips and Tricks for Businesses and Charities

Yann Guides 7 minutes

Software licenses can be a major expense for businesses, particularly for those that rely on multiple software programs to run their operations. While these licenses are often necessary for productivity and efficiency, they can also take up a significant portion of a company’s budget. Efficient use of software in business can provide a competitive advantage. This is especially true today, …

The state of cybersecurity 2021 in numbers.

The State of Cybersecurity in 2023

Yann Guides, News 2 minutes

How to protect your business in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape When looking back at 2022, it was a turbulent year, full of macroeconomic and geopolitical risk. From the war in Ukraine to rapid inflation and supply chain failures, it has been the perfect storm of interlocked risks. This has had a profound effect on cybersecurity for businesses …

A man in a hoodie is standing in front of a computer screen with the word hacked.

Top cyber security breaches of 2022

Yann News 9 minutes

Number 1 TwitterTwitter is facing accusations of a cover-up in regards to a massive data breach that has affected millions of users in the US and EU. Cybersecurity expert Chad Loder alerted the public to the breach on November 23, 2022, stating that it occurred no earlier than 2021 and had not been previously reported. This comes after Twitter admitted …

Power Down sequence.

What’s your power down sequence?

Yann Guides, Tips 5 minutes

As we’ve already highlighted, many businesses are now planning for possible power outages and blackouts. The one question we’ve been hearing from many of our clients is what needs to be turned off and when? From an IT and facilities perspective, it’s worth writing up a checklist for your office on what exactly needs to be turned off manually and …

A small AI poem showcasing the timeline of computing.


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Once upon a time, in a world far away, Computing was a chore, slow and gray. But then came the days of ENIAC and UNIVAC, Machines that could compute, they didn’t lack. As time went on, computers got smaller and faster, From mainframes to desktops, they became a master. People used them for work, for play, and for fun, But …

What is ftp broadband?.

What is FTTP Broadband?

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FTTP stands for Fibre To The Premises,and it is interchangeably referred to as ‘Ultrafast’ or ‘Full Fibre’ broadband delivering speeds up to 1Gbps. It is a pure fibre connection from the exchange into your business so, unlike FTTC where broadband is delivered via fibre optic cables only as far as the cabinet, FTTP uses cable across the entire distance to …

Learn to spot a phishing message.

Learn to spot a phishing message

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Phishing is a popular form of cybercrime because of how effective it is. Cybercriminals have been successful using emails, text messages, direct messages on social media or in video games, to get people to respond with their personal information. The best defense is awareness and knowing what to look for. Here are some ways to recognize a phishing email: Urgent …

Give Teams a voice.

What is Microsoft Teams Voice with Direct Routing?

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Many businesses utilising Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration can now benefit from the ability to make and receive calls by enabling Microsoft Teams as a complete cloud-based UC solution with Enterprise-grade telephony. Give your Microsoft Teams a voice with confidence -benefit from a highly reliable, resilient architecture with Direct Routing from the UK’s No.1 SIP Trunking provider with simple provisioning, …

Do you want to work smarter in microsoft teams?.

Do You Want to Work Smarter in Microsoft Teams?

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The number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams have almost doubled the past year, increasing from 145 million users in 2021 to 270 million in 2022. Companies are rapidly implementing Microsoft Teams to be able to enrich their businesses’ communications structures, and it’s proving successful. Teams is by far the most rapidly growing unified communications solution, and is not …

An advertisement for a business phone system in the BT switchoff.

BT Openreach has announced it intends to switch off traditional landlines in 2025.

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BT Openreach has announced it intends to switch off traditional landlines in 2025. This is commonly called the Public Switch Telephone Network(PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) switch-off. Now is the time to look at an alternative system that is future-proof and resilient, that would be Voice over the Internet (VoIP) By the end of 2025, everyone in the …

A poster with the words academy of 5 phishing attacks.

Protect your business from the evolving threat of phishing attacks

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According to recent research by Tessian, 26% of employees have clicked on a phishing email at work in the past year. For this reason, and many others, there is no surprise that most CISOs are concerned about how phishing attacks are evolving. Thankfully, email security solutions are always becoming more advanced and stopping more potentially malicious emails and attachments. However, …

A laptop screen displaying a shared calendar.

How to share calendar in Outlook

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Share your calendar with others so they can view details about your schedule. Share your calendar Select Calendar > Share Calendar. Choose a calendar to share. Select Add, decide who to share your calendar with, and select Add. Select OK and you’ll see the added people with a default permission level. Choose a name, select the access level to give, …

Transition to cloud communications planning.

The benefits of Cloud Communications

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Compared to traditional, capex-intensive, on-site systems, the financial advantages of Cloud Communications are clear and compelling. But the economics are just the beginning of the real business value. Expand your opportunities Free from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce, you can expand your opportunities and grow your business. Ensure seamless experiences By integrating multiple communications and …

How to make the most of your microsoft 365 investment.

How to make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment

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The way that businesses use technology has changed drastically over the past 5 years. Many of these changes are due to the move from office-based work to remote or hybrid work. As organisations made this move, it was essential to implement new technology solutions to enable productivity, communication and collaboration. Working with a trusted IT provider can help your business …

Maximize Microsoft Teams with direct routing.

Make the most of Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing

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Direct Routing allows you to connect Teams to preimum voice service providers. This allows you to take advantage of cheaper call rates, more flexibility, and better support. It’s also helpful for users locked into existing contracts with other PSTN providers. They can use Teams without any contract violations. Put simply, Direct Routing enables users to make and receive external calls …

Office 365 enable secure remote work with microsoft 365.

Enable secure remote work with Microsoft 365

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So how can Office 365 make the essential difference to your business? In this downloadble presentation we show you how Small Medium Businesses can benefit with productivity, communication and security. If you already have M365 we can help you truly unpack the suite so you can achieve so much more. For more information call us or email action@abcom.co.uk More information

Suspect malware and how to protect your business.

Suspect Malware and How to Protect your Business

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In 1971, the first worm proof of concept was created, called ‘The Creeper’. This worm was able to spread via network protocol, infecting remote computers to display the message “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can”. However, ‘The Creeper’ was not technically malware as it was not created with malicious intent. Fast forward 51 years and there are over …

A person is writing the word backup on a cloud.

Are your Microsoft 365 mailboxes backed up?

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In today’s business world, email is the backbone of communication. Complete365 reports that Microsoft Office 365 Email is the most popular 365 product among medium-sized companies, and Ontech claims emails contain 60% of business-critical data. No doubt, emails are incredibly important, so having a robust system for storing your email data in case of catastrophe is a good idea. In …

A flyer for the phoneline+ service.

PhoneLine + Simple phone line replacement service

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PhoneLine+ has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network, all at a highly competitive price. PhoneLine+ can be accessed on a choice of devices including computers, tablets, mobile phones and IP handsets, or we can providean adaptor for your current phone, so there is no need to …

What does the future of business telephony look like?

What does the future of business telephony look like?

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Ever since the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the humble telephone has been a mainstay in business life. For the majority of us in the business world, telephony is the default way to engage with clients, reach colleagues and network with other professionals in the industry. For years, our desks were kitted out with work …

Why does outsourcing IT make good business sense?.

Why does it makes good business sense to outsource your IT?

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Outsourcing your IT operations can help your business unlock new levels of efficiency whilst also cutting costs. Indeed, 24% of small businesses that outsource their IT cite increased efficiency as their main driver of adoption – according to Capital Counsellor. Why are so many businesses turning to IT outsourcing? What are the main benefits of letting an IT support company …

Debunking 5 Cybersecurity Myths for businesses.

5 Common Cybersecurity Myths Your Business Should Be Aware Of

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Thankfully, businesses are now more aware than ever of cyber threats and are starting to take cybersecurity very seriously. PwC found that nearly 64% of UK CEOs are concerned about how cyber threats could harm their ability to sell products and services. Indeed, taking into proper account your organisation’s cybersecurity is a vital part of running a modern business. This …

What is data leakage prevention?

What is Data Loss Prevention? Why is it essential for your business?

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Whilst data threats and leakages can occur in any organisation, it is small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) that are most susceptible to data loss incidents. Indeed, cybercriminals often target smaller businesses as ‘low-hanging fruit’ as a mixture of inadequate security infrastructure and insufficient staff training leads them to be particularly vulnerable to data incidents. Data leaks are costly. According to IBM, the …

2020's most prevalent cyberattacks.

The worst cyberattacks of 2022 (so far)

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As expected, in the first 7 months of 2022, there have been multiple major cyberattacks that have resulted in a loss of productivity, revenue or large-scale data leaks. Whilst some of the largest attacks have been in countries such as America and Ukraine, there have also been some major cyberattacks within the UK. Although these cyberattacks are the ones that …

Email security guide for SMBs.

Our Guide to Email Security for SMBs

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Please find Our Guide to Email Security for SMBs Emails are the lifeblood of any business, and with that, here are some little statistics: https://abcom.co.uk/our-guide-to-email-security-for-smbs/ In 2021 1) there were 3.9 billion active email users. 2) In the US, workers receive an average of 126 emails daily. 3) Nearly 60 billion junk emails will be sent each day in the …

What is NCE, the new commerce experience from Microsoft?

What is the New Commerce Experience (NCE)?

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So, what is the New Commerce Experience (NCE)? Microsoft has recently announced a change in how customers purchase and manage their licences through their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. Microsoft is launching the New Commerce Experience (NCE). This change will impact the way you purchase Microsoft 365 licenses. But fear not. Microsoft has launched the NCE to reduce complexity and …

Accessible technology guide.

Make your business’s technology more accessible with these tools

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Every employee has their own set of needs and requirements, and it is the employer’s responsibility to accommodate them. This is especially true for employees with disabilities. Although businesses need to make accessibility accommodations for their building and internal processes, it is also important that technology is accessible too. Thankfully, the most widely used technology solutions have built-in tools to …

What are insider threats and how can you defend against them?.

What are insider threats and how can you defend against them?

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Typically, most businesses are concerned about external adversaries maliciously accessing confidential data and systems. However, businesses often neglect to safeguard against their own employees who are threats to the business. This concept is known as insider threats. An insider threat is any employee, vendor, contractor or person within a business that has authorised access to sensitive data or IT systems, …

Six common challenges facing fast growing businesses.

Six common IT challenges for fast-growing businesses

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Extended periods of rapid growth are positive for most businesses, as it means that the business is acquiring new customers, which is driving increased revenue and better business outcomes. Whilst these periods are exciting and necessary for the longevity of a business, it also creates a host of new challenges, especially regarding IT and technology. In this article we will …