No room for error when you move offices

IT is one area of business which you can’t afford to fail at. Office relocation are never simple but careful planning and organising will help you succeed.

But IT is one area of business where you can’t afford any error in relocating. You’ll want to make sure that the move goes smoothly so that you can be productive in your new space from day one.
Your business could lose money from day one if things are set up accurately. Being production from day one will help keep things running smoothly without any interruptions.
Plan an office move 6 months before.You will need to create an inventory to include all the items you have and details of suppliers.
At ABCOM we have helped businesses across the South East to relocate swiftly, smoothly and efficiently – with limited disruption to the company. With careful strategic planning we have the experience to provide you with an office move.

Your technology is critical to your business, so we help to ensure attention to detail when you are relocating. Reviewing the site, moving IT equipment, infrastructure planning and network cabling etc are all important elements to the plan.

We help with your cabling and network installation, review and assess your plug points and the best use of your space and location of equipment. This is all part of the strategy which we help create especially for you.
Your relocation is very important to us, with our experience and skill-set we can tailor an effective move for your business.

Your new office space needs everything from the beginning and that’s where we can help you. You need to know what to expect from your new location inside out and well in advance.
Thinking about the future is also a big part of the strategy, is your move about building your staff capacity, therefore more space awareness and technical requirements will need to be included.

Server rooms are important, it’s where your information gets stored to help your business operate. It’s important to plan well for the equipment and space you will need as well as power needed to run the machinery.
We can provide cloud solutions, which we have successfully implemented for numerous businesses across the South.
We help take away all the stress of relocating to allow you to get on with what you do well,
running your business.

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