Beware of hidden dangers if you sit back and do nothing

Beware of hidden dangers if you sit back and do nothing

With the end of support for Windows Server 2003/R2 fast approaching, it’s recommended that you do something about it.  Even without an internet connection or if your data is already backed up, vulnerabilities could be exposed over time – so there is a potential risk involved.

On average customer support for Windows Server 2003 EoS will cost approximately £150,000 per year (which increases over time). However, if you do nothing, the ramifications could be more costly in the long run.

It’s been reported that new technologies are believed to bring a higher ROI (return on investment), therefore if you upgrade you are likely to save money in the long term.

With a lingering threat that something could go wrong at some point – delaying will potentially put off the inevitable at a cost to you.

Getting Windows Server now will help you with plans and receive minimal disruption.

It’s an opportunity to reconfigure datacentre infrastructures, modernise applications and set up hybrid cloud environment.

Audit breakdown

Potential card payments will no longer support Windows Server 2003, so out of date software could cause problems. Avoid any problems which could fail compliance audits by not meeting industry wide compliance standards.

Exposed to threats

Security updates and support will no longer be available which as a result will leave servers and applications vulnerable to security threats and a less secure IT environment.

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