Broadband Connection Solutions

There is a limit to what ordinary broadband can do. And if speed and reliability are important to you, that limit can cause real problems for your business. Of course, a Leased Line could do the job. But at what cost?
What you need is a third way. Something that gives you two, three or even four times the performance you’re getting right now, with built-in resilience, at an affordable price.
What you need is ABCOM.

For business continuity you can combine multiple connections from different providers you can avoid the risk of having a single point of failure. If one line fails then ABCOM will continue to use the others, without any intervention from you. When the line is restored ABCOM automatically includes it again.

ABCOM combines two, three or four individual internet connections into a single, superfast connection.
In other words you get more than enough performance for extra-value applications like video conferencing, internet telephony, off-site data backup, virtual private networks and cloud computing. But that’s just the start.
ABCOM can combine multiple types of connections including Leased Lines, cable, fibre optic, wireless and 4G mobile. The service can even combine connections from different service providers. Need more speed? No problem. Simply add more lines and routers whenever you need them.

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