Cloud Summit 2015 Barcelona travel log

Cloud Summit 2015 Barcelona travel log

Well I’m just back from my trip abroad; I have been to the Cloud Summit in Barcelona and  The 3-day event which began on Monday March 30 certainly didn’t disappoint. The weather was lovely and the hotel and scenery was awesome. The event flew by very quickly and I only regret not bolting a few extra days at the end, oh well, there is certainly plenty of work to be getting on with!


The main objective was to see what technology is coming next and how it can benefit us and our clients.

There was so much to do and see there – it was pretty exciting. The event was all about the exciting new prospects in cloud and innovation. Although at ABCOM we ourselves have used cloud solutions for years, it’s exciting to see how systems can now really integrate easily over the cloud. The showcases were about the latest cloud-based tools and technology, delivering valuable education for me on cloud, social, mobile and analytics. We learnt all about the new Microsoft stack and how the systems blend seamlessly into each other.

Refreshingly innovative – a summit which was bursting with lots of different talented people all feverishly absorbing the latest information about delivering cloud-based services and how to expand their organization to address the needs of businesses everywhere.

We have an exciting proposition for any business, but first let’s find out what your business is all about then we can tailor your needs.


It’s been a real insight into cloud-computing all cleverly delivered by an array of industrial experts all of which provided attendees with wealth of knowledge on the topic.

A feast of knowledge all in one place – who could ask for anything more?

I attended numerous sessions during my time there and fully embraced all that the cloud innovators and thought leaders could throw at me – truly a great experience.



The after parties were really good too, certainly Microsoft and Intel put on great shows.


Now I’m back in the UK, it’s time to bring my experience, tools and knowledge to my business for my customers.

If you would like to know more about what the Cloud can do for your business why not get in touch withus by calling 01444 871200 or email me directly






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