Computer Users be new malicious software aware

Computer Users be new malicious software aware

Rombertik malware can destroy computers

Computers during security checks can be harmed by a new type of malware nicknamed Rombertik. This malware is by Cisco Systems and it’s been designed to intercept text through browsers. Be aware that this can also be spread through spam and messages.

Not unusually, this particular malware will check to see if it’s been detected through its own checks on a computer. It’s a dangerous malware and aims at the Master Boot Record (MBR), looks into its hardware before loading the operating system. Without access it will destroy all files through encryption.

After the home folder has been encrypted the computer restarts but the MBR stops the computer from rebooting and a failed message appears.


This is a practice which isolates a code for a period of time while it’s being checked, the malware will try to avoid this practice and wait it out.
The malware will write one byte of data to memory 960 million times, which causes tracing complications.

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