Don’t Let Google Label Your Site As Unsecure–Add An SSL Before It’s Too Late.

Don’t Let Google Label Your Site As Unsecure–Add An SSL Before It’s Too Late.

Since November last year we have known about some changes Google was making, that could potentially affect your website. My friends, that time has now come!

As of now, Google Chrome will consider any website as “not secure” if it collects passwords or credit card information without having an SSL installed.

Make sure your site and any potential customers’ data are fully protected, and enjoy having HTTPS display in the address bar along with a lock icon, so your visitors know your website is protected.

Ensure encrypted data for your website.

This is an involved process, that we are happy to manage and process for you.


1 Help you identify a suitable digital certificate for your website. If you are hosted with us or not let us help you review the options.

2 Install the certificate onto your website.

3 Update the configuration of your website to point to HTTPS instead of HTTP.

4 Redirect all incoming requests for your HTTP website to the location of the HTTPS site.

5 Re-verify ownership of your website in Google Search Console and update the sitemap location.

6 Update your web property’s configuration in Google Analytics.

7 Test and confirm that the conversion was successful.

Whatever your needs please contact us.

We have the technical know-how to point you in the right direction.






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